Athlete Snacks for the Cooler

Athlete Snacks for the Cooler

Now that it’s hot out, make sure you are fueling your body with the right foods.  ET Dietitian, Laurie Schubert, shares some of the best snacks to pack in a cooler.

Suitable for a Cooler

These snacks should be kept cold for food safety reasons. They are only
shelf-stable when temperatures are below 40°F. If it is warmer than that,
carry them in a cooler. These snacks are great for fueling for triumph before and after workouts,
but also for rehydrating. All of the beverages contain fluids, but so do
fruits. Fruits are considered “chewable drinks.”

Remember to bring utensils and napkins for some of these snacks!

Carbohydrate Options

• Fruit, like grapes, berries, melon, or fruit salad GF, V
• Vegetables, cut and ready to eat GF, V
• Bean, grain, or pasta salads
• Single serve containers of hummus or guacamole, V

Protein Options

• Yogurt or cottage cheese (Remember a spoon!) V
• Milk, chocolate milk V
• Cheese sticks GF
• Sports drinks
• Pre-made smoothies
• Sandwiches with meat or cheese
• Hard-boiled eggs GF, V

* V = Vegetarian, GF = Gluten Free

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Laurie Schubert is the Team Dietitian at Experience Triathlon.  She specializes in working with clients to meet nutritional needs and goals within the boundaries of food preferences, cooking ability, medical limitations, and budget.  She has a particular interest in sports nutrition, but gets personal satisfaction from encouraging people in weight loss, finding the right meal plan for a diabetic, and watching young children learn to enjoy a variety of foods.

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