Bike Training and Coaching


ET Club

Want to make new friends, ride in a safe group environment on country roads, be supported by experienced and certified coaches, and have big fun? Then ET Club is for you! Join ET for a great ride on rural routes in departing from Aurora, Naperville, Yorkville, St. Charles and Barrington on almost every Sunday from April through October and every Wednesday evening in Wheaton from May through September. All abilities from first timer to veteran rider are welcome. We divide the group into smaller groups that do various distances and speeds ranging from 13-20mph and 20-60 miles on most days.  Click HERE to learn more and join ET Club!

ET CompuTrainer Classes

Want to get faster on the bike for next race season? ET CompuTrainer class will move your cycling to the next level. Proven by professional triathletes, cyclists and age groupers to improve speed and pedaling efficiency, the CompuTrainer MultiRider system provides a new, exciting and technically superior way to stay motivated through the long winter months. Coach-designed interval workouts will improve your power output and race speed.  CLICK HERE for current class session.

Cycling 101 Class

Cycling can be as basic as simply pushing your pedals down to move your bike forward, but what if you could use your body and core to efficiently propel your bike forward? What if you could efficiently pedal with the hips and legs so that every pedal stroke became purposeful? What if the pedal stroke was broken down so that every portion of the stroke made the bike move quicker, enabling the cyclist to become more efficient and more powerful? This unique, interactive class approaches cycling in a revolutionary way, as both new and experienced athletes are taught precisely HOW to make the most of their pedal stroke. It starts at the absolute basics, going over the small details that are often overlooked and taken for granted. Examining those small details will help the participants become the most efficient cyclist they can be.

Our bike’s gears are one of the most important components on our bicycles in terms of helping us ride efficiently and strategically. Using them should feel as natural as breathing, with shifting becoming second nature in response to the slightest changes in grade and wind.  Participants will work closely with THEIR bikes gears to know what their different gears allow them to do, and then putting bikes the trainer to test out HOW to shift smartly.

CLICK HERE for current class session.

Custom online workout design and remote coaching

Would you like to love cycling, improve your performance, learn to bike, do a Century ride, train with a power meter, or compete in a cycling race? Let USA certified ET coaches design the perfect cycling workouts for you. ET cycling plans are customized for each athlete and allow you to safely become the cyclist you were meant to be. These workouts can be efficiently delivered right to your email inbox on a weekly basis. A web based training and logging application is included along with unlimited email and phone dialogue with your coach. Video can also be used with remote athletes to improve ongoing communication with your coach. Contact Coach Joe to schedule a meeting to learn more and get started!

Private lessons and workout with a coach

If you’d like to learn to ride, clip in/out of your new pedals, shift effectively or improve your overall cycling game, private lessons are the fastest way to get there. An ET coach can quickly assess your current level, develop real-time instruction and workouts that perfectly progress you, and discuss any topic on your mind while you workout. What a great way to get a customized, high quality workout with an expert and have fun in the process! Contact Coach Joe to schedule a meeting to learn more and get started!

Bike selection and fitting

Did you know that bikes that don’t fit well are the leading cause of discomfort, injuries and poor cycling performance? ET coaches in conjunction with our bike partner, Spokes, can help you select the right bike for your goals and budget, then ensure that the fit is perfect! This is one of our most popular hourly consults! Contact Coach Joe to schedule a consult!

Cycling strength and conditioning

Power development is a critical component for cycling performance. While you can develop strength riding the bike, you’ll be optimized for maximum power output and speed if you do the right strength and conditioning workouts at the right time of year. ET coaches can provide customized, face-to-face personal training designed for cyclist, and endurance athletes.

Emergency Repair and Bike Maintenance Clinics

It’s most riders worst nightmare – a problem with the bike. A flat tire, broken chain or cable, bent gear shifter, torn tire, bent rim or no spare tube can ruin your day. We love to ride, but many of us just don’t know what to do when our bike breaks on the road or during a race. The secret to getting rolling again as soon as possible is preparation. It’s important to have the right repair items with you and know how to use them. Learn what to have onboard and how to do the repairs at our Emergency Repair and Bike Maintenance Clinic presented by Spokes Wheaton. The expert staff at Spokes will demonstrate how to repair the most common roadside breakdowns. You also have the option of bringing a bike, practicing a repair like fixing a flat tire, and purchasing any needed items for your onboard repair kit.

ET Training Camps

Amazing! That’s the feedback we always get on ET Camps. An opportunity to immerse yourself with certified coaches and fellow athletes for days at a time in remote locations perfectly suited to the training experience. We travel to spectacular destinations like Solvang, CA and Scottsdale, AZ in the Spring for 5 days of training. In the summer, we go to Madison, WI for 3 days of training on the world renowned Ironman Wisconsin race course. While these camps are the multisport experience of a lifetime, a fair amount of each camp is dedicated to bike training and coaching.