Triathlon Training and Coaching

Optimize Your Training with a Personal Coach

Working directly with a USAT Certified Coach from Experience Triathlon is the best way to customize your training plan, optimize your performance, minimize injuries and have fun!  Learn More.

Swim – Bike – Run Specific Training and Coaching

Be sure to check out all the specific training and coaching pages for swim, bike and run training.

Custom online workout design and remote coaching

Training for three sports at one time is complicated.  It’s also risky.  Doing the wrong workouts at the wrong time is the fastest way to get injured and reduce your performance levels.  Do you have the time and energy to learn how to be your own coach for swimming, cycling and running?  Can you stay motivated to get all the workouts in each week when work, family, travel and other lifestyle challenges surface?  Enlisting a USA certified professional triathlon coach will reduce your risk of injuries, reduce your stress, increase you performance levels, hold you accountable, and give you the fast path to success.  You’ll get to focus on being an athlete and having fun with your training, knowing that you have an experienced mentor watching over you and waiting for you to log in about your workouts.  Whether you’re getting ready for your first triathlon, wanting to get faster at racing, or moving up toward the Ironman, hiring an ET coach to fully support your journey is the absolute best way to optimize your experience.  ET triathlon plans are customized for each athlete and allow you to safely become the triathlete you were meant to be.  These workouts can be efficiently delivered right to your email inbox on a weekly basis anywhere in the world.  A web based training and logging application is included along with unlimited email and phone dialogue with your coach.  Video can also be used with remote athletes to improve ongoing communication with your coach.  Contact Coach Joe to schedule a meeting to learn more and get started!

ET Weekend Training Camps

Amazing!  That’s the feedback we always get on ET Camps.  An opportunity to immerse yourself with certified coaches and fellow athletes for days at a time in remote locations perfectly suited to the training experience.  In 2014 we traveled to spectacular Solvang, CA in the Spring for 5 days of training in the hills of Southern California wine country and to Madison, WI for ET Summer Camp for 3 days of training on the world renowned Ironman Wisconsin race course.  In 2015 & 2016 we did our Spring Camp in Phoenix, AZ for Spring Camp and returned to Madison for Summer  Camp.  In 2017 are Spring Camp will be in Tucson, AZ and we return to Madison in July for Summer Camp  These camps are the multisport experience of a lifetime!

ET Club

Whether you’re a first-time triathlete or a veteran of triathlon, come join the ET Club to learn more, train smarter, meet other triathletes and have FUN!  Weekly group rides, runs, bricks, and swim workouts guided by USA certified coaches.  Team uniforms, team-designated races, and regular social outings give you a chance to hang out with fellow athletes and make new multisport friends.  Learn more HERE

Triathlon Training Classes

Tri 150 – Beginner Tri Training Class.  Get ready to Tri with Experience Triathlon’s beginner triathlon training class.  Our USAT Certified Coaching staff will help you prepare for your first tri.  Both workouts and educational clinics on swim, bike, run and transitions are included in these multi-week programs.  NEW ADDITIONS to this class include the use of our interactive coaching software for the duration of the class, and an opportunity to experience one of our Group Swim Classes and/or Group Bike Class or Group Ride (weather permitting).  These classes will have a special focus for preparing athletes for ET’s Indoor Tri Series, ET Batavia Triathlon, ET Lake Zurich Sprint Tri,  ET Naperville Sprint Triathlon and the Esprit de She sprint tri.  Visit our online Store for more information and registration.  CLICK HERE for current class session.

Tri 401 – Advanced Tri Training Class. Looking to move up your race distances?  How about getting that next Personal Record?  Then ET’s advanced tri training class will help you breakthrough and get it done!  This class is open to self-coached, intermediate and advanced level triathletes that are looking to PR current distance races or move up in distance to a half or full Ironman.

Tri specific aero group rides with brick runs

ET group rides offer an opportunity to practice tri-specific cycling skills followed by an optional short run.  We offer two group rides every week from April through September!

Open water swim clinics

ET Open Water Swim Clinics at Centennial Beach is a summertime weekly swimming program designed for triathletes of all abilities. USA certified coaches will provide structured workout sets to build endurance and triathlon specific skill instruction such as open water sighting, wave starts, drafting, buoy turns, and bumping.  CLICK HERE for current class session.

ET Open Water Swim group at Ohio Beach, Lake Michigan.  A regularly scheduled group swim led by USA certified coaches in the big waves of Lake Michigan.  Great practice swimming in deeper, colder, choppier water.

Transition clinics and coaching

Transitions are triathlon’s 4th sport!  ET coaches can help you cut minutes off your transition times and reduce your overall race day stress.  We have group transition clinics at most of our training camps and some rides.  Coaches are also available for private transition coaching and training sessions.

Private lessons and coaching

If you’d like to learn triathlon, improve any of your swim, bike, run, or transition skill and techniques, private lessons are the fastest way to get there.  An ET coach can quickly assess your current level, develop real-time instruction and workouts that perfectly progress you, and discuss any topic on your mind while you workout.  What a great way to get a customized, high quality workout with an expert and have fun in the process!

Equipment selection

Triathlon is famous for its toys!  Bikes, shoes, wetsuits, wheels, helmets, clothing, nutrition… the list goes on and on!  ET coaches have tried it all and can help you get set up with the right gear fast, and within your budget.

Mental toughness consulting

If you think running is mostly mental, then you’ll really agree that triathlon is totally a game of mental ping-pong.  What is the secret to Beating the Demons and becoming the athlete you are meant to be?  Coach Joe is available on an hourly consulting basis to help you find the path.

Triathlon strength and conditioning

Injury prevention and sustained performance over a long period of time (muscular endurance) are the reason that triathlon specific strength and conditioning should be a part of your training program.  ET coaches can develop and help you execute a personalized conditioning plan that will get you to the starting line injury free and optimized to go the distance without muscular meltdown.

Nutrition coaching

Have you ever fallen apart at the end of a race, wondered what to eat and drink before or during a race, wondered how to eat healthily – and still eat your favorite foods, or agonized over losing weight – and then gaining it all back?  We can help you become more energetic so you can work and play harder.  ET Nutrition services provide research-based techniques for improving performance and enhancing health.