• CompuTrainer – November 9 – December 20

    Sweat.  Music.  More Sweat.  Laughter.  Competitive Drive.  Encouragement.  Coaching.  Coffee.  Stretching.  Chilling.  Improvement.


    New Naperville location on Bond Street with more space, better ventilation, improved air filtration system and more!! See details tab below.


    Experience Triathlon is proud to announce the first 6 week session for the 2020-2021 winter season. Rides with once again range in length from 60-120 minutes, packed full with content to train every physiological system a rider needs to take their ride to the next level.  Each class is personally coached, and with a small class size, there is plenty of interaction time with other riders and the coach.  For those looking to ride “solo”, just bring along a pair of earbuds, and allow yourself to have the ride unfold before you while you go into your own mind.


    Instant feedback on a rider’s effort allows one to adjust their pedal stroke mechanics and muscular engagement to make the most of their training.  Seeing data of other riders gives the extra added incentive to never give up, and keep pushing harder.   No matter a cyclist’s riding ability, this program WILL help them improve their cycling fitness while becoming more mindful of their pedaling efficiency.


    Short Ride Classes:   These intensity interval workouts will last in duration from 60-80 minutes in length, and will focus on training an athlete’s engine, from anaerobic intervals to VO2max work, to Functional Threshold stabilization.  Plenty of recovery time will be incorporated to these workouts to allow for the best workout possible.


    Long Ride Classes:   These classes are 2 hours of riding various course from around the world.  There will be a mix of flatter courses with specific energy system focuses, along with plenty of hilly course rides, including the local favorite of Ironman Wisconsin, for riders to practice riding with instant performance feedback and the company of others to motivate and push oneself.


    Once a ride is done, enjoy some stretch and relax time in ET’s Stretch and Rest lounge, complete with foam rollers, yoga mats, and coffee!


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  • ET Virtual Cycling Classes – Week of Nov 23

    ET Virtual Cycling Classes are a great way to build your bike fitness while having live social interaction with a certified coach and other cyclist.    Coaches will “call out” the various interval workout sets as the ride progresses.  Each class is approximately 60 minutes.


    See dates and times in the tabs below!


    Registered athletes will get an email from Coach Joe with the video call link, meeting ID and password.

  • ET Virtual Strength Classes


    Join us for a live virtual strength class with Coach Jada.


    Fridays from 7:00-7:45 a.m.


    Price: $10 per class drop in fee. Please indicate what class date you plan to attend in the Check Out form.


    Registered athletes will receive an email with the Zoom video call connection link prior to the class start time.



  • Masters Swimming Naperville – Nov16 – Dec 18

    Please review our ET Small Group Workout Guidelines for phase 4 COVID-19 before joining this class!


    ET Masters is a weekly adult swimming program designed for triathlon and fitness swimmers. USA certified coaches will provide structured workouts and stroke improvement tips at each group session.


    Dates:  November 16 – December 18, 2020 (5 weeks)


    See tabs below for days/times/location and program info


    Is Masters only for Advanced swimmers? 

    Actually, the word Masters does not have anything to do with level of swimming.  It’s a term that USA Swimming uses to describe “adult” swimmers vs “youth” swimmers.  Our program is filled with intermediate and advanced swimmers of all speeds, abilities, experience levels.  If you can swim laps freestyle in the pool and do at least a total of 1000 yards with many rest stops over the hour long session, you’ll be fine.  If you’re still learning to swim and struggle to get across the pool for a lap or two, our Swim 101 Learn to Swim or private lessons are the way to go.



    $120.00 $100.00
  • Swim 101 – Learn to Swim – December

    ET Swim 101 is the perfect class to bridge the gap between ET private swim lessons and ET Masters.


    ET Swim 101 provides adult learn-to-swim instruction and practice in a small class format. Participants will be introduced to lap swimming with the goal of eventually joining the ET Masters Swim program.

    • Develop proper kicking and breathing technique
    • Improve stroke efficiency
    • Learn and practice the common swim stroke improvement drills
    • Build endurance

    Whether you want to start a lap swimming program or to do a triathlon, ET Swim 101 can help you reach your goal.


    Please review our ET Small Group Workout Guidelines for phase 4 COVID-19 before joining this class!



    joe-loprestoThis program is coached by Joe LoPresto.  For over a decade, Coach Joe has helped hundreds of adults learn to swim and follow their dream of completing a triathlon.


    “Recently Fitness Magazine made a call for stories.  Their question… “Have you met a fitness person who changed your life?  We’re looking for women who met someone significant in their lives through a fitness activity or sport.”  This made me think about my first triathlon.  I wanted to do one, but could not swim.  A friend suggested I get a coach.  That’s when I found the amazing, Coach Joe LoPresto. I would not have been able to do this without his kind heart, patience, and coaching. The triathlon event was the scariest and most fun I’ve had.  I didn’t have anyone waiting at the end of the tri for me, but as I leaving, there was Coach Joe and his heart warming hugs.  With amazing people around you amazing things can happen.” – Angie D.


    CLICK HERE for more Coach Joe testimonials

    Maximum class size is 4 people. One swimmer per lane with covid barriers between lane ends.


    Saturdays. 12:00 PM – 1:00 PM.  December 5,12,19, 2020




    ET Triathlon Training Center
    Lifestart Central Park
    4225 Naperville Road, Lisle, IL 60532



    See tab below for more information

  • Treadmill Track – Nov 17 – Dec 15

    Please review our ET Small Group Workout Guidelines for phase 4 COVID-19 before joining this class!


    Looking for a speed workout this winter? Afraid it’s too slick for the outdoor track?


    Give ET Treadmill Track a try!!


    ET Treadmill Track features interval training based on time, not distance, so anyone can participate at their own pace. The class is for anyone looking for an intense run workout to improve both speed and efficiency.


    Offered at two times on Tuesdays for 5 weeks!


    5:30-6:30am with Coach Joe


    6:00-7:00pm with Coach Suzy


    See details below!



    $70.00 $56.00