ET University Class Curriculum


  • Masters – Naperville, Carol Stream & Elk Grove Village
  • Swim 101 – Adult Learn to Swim
  • Swim 201 – Swimming With Purposeful Power
  • Swim 301 – Underwater Water Video Analysis Clinic
  • Centennial Beach Open Water Swim class
  • Lake Michigan Open Water Swim clinic


  • Computrainer Classes
  • Cycling 101


  • Running 101 – Beginner 5K class
  • Half Marathon Training Class
  • Treadmill Track
  • Outdoor Group Track


  • Tri 101 Seminar – Intro to the sport
  • ET Tri 150 – Beginner Triathlon Training Class
  • Tri 201 – Transition Clinic
  • ET Tri 401 – Advanced Tri Training Class

Strength Training

  • ET Strength 301: Strength Training for Triathletes.

Current Class Offerings

  • ET Virtual Cycling Classes – August 11-20

    ET Virtual Cycling Classes are a great way to build your bike fitness while having live social interaction with a certified coach and other cyclist.    Coaches will “call out” the various interval workout sets as the ride progresses.  Each class is approximately 60 minutes.


    Priced to help you get in more rides per week.  Ride once for $13 or ride twice for $24.


    See dates and times in the tabs below!


    Registered athletes will get an email from Coach Joe with the video call link, meeting ID and password.

  • ET Virtual Strength Classes


    Join us for a live virtual strength class with Coach Jada.


    Fridays from 7:00-7:45 a.m.


    Price: $10 per class drop in fee. Please indicate what class date you plan to attend in the Check Out form.


    Registered athletes will receive an email with the Zoom video call connection link prior to the class start time.



  • Group Outdoor Track Program – Summer 2020 Session 2

    Track interval running workouts and coaching for runners of all levels


    Click HERE for the ET Small Group Workout Guidelines for Phase 4 COVID-19


    Dates: July 28 – September 1, 2020 (6 weeks)


    Experience Triathlon group track program is a weekly coached track interval workout under the guidance of ET’s professional and certified coaching staff.  It’s designed to improve your run speed and performance levels. Runners should have a few months of consistent running several times per week prior to the class start.


    See below for details!!

    $84.00 $56.00
  • Masters Swimming Naperville – Aug 17 – Oct 9

    Please review our ET Small Group Workout Guidelines for phase 4 COVID-19 before joining this class!


    ET Masters is a weekly adult swimming program designed for triathlon and fitness swimmers. USA certified coaches will provide structured workouts and stroke improvement tips at each group session.


    Dates:  August 17 – October 9, 2020 (8 weeks)


    See tabs below for days/times/location and program info


    Is Masters only for Advanced swimmers? 

    Actually, the word Masters does not have anything to do with level of swimming.  It’s a term that USA Swimming uses to describe “adult” swimmers vs “youth” swimmers.  Our program is filled with intermediate and advanced swimmers of all speeds, abilities, experience levels.  If you can swim laps freestyle in the pool and do at least a total of 1000 yards with many rest stops over the hour long session, you’ll be fine.  If you’re still learning to swim and struggle to get across the pool for a lap or two, our Swim 101 Learn to Swim or private lessons are the way to go.