Strength Training

Strength and Conditioning

One-On-One and Couples Personal Training:

General Fitness strength and conditioning.  Training face-to-face with an ET Personal Trainer is one the fastest and safest ways to meet your fitness or performance goals. Properly designed strength training that is customized to your specific needs and fitness levels will improve strength, balance and performance while increasing your metabolism to achieve your target body composition and weight.  CLICK HERE to request a personal training session.

Triathlon strength and conditioning. Injury prevention and sustained performance over a long period of time (muscular endurance) are the reason that triathlon specific strength and conditioning should be a part of your training program.  ET coaches can develop and help you execute a personalized conditioning plan that will get you to the starting line injury free and optimized to go the distance without muscular meltdown.  CLICK HERE to request a personal training session.

Cycling strength and conditioning. Power development is a critical component for cycling performance.  While you can develop strength riding the bike, you’ll be optimized for maximum power output  and speed if you do the right strength and conditioning workouts at the right time of year.  ET coaches can provide customized, face-to-face personal training designed for cyclist, and endurance athletes.  CLICK HERE to request a personal training session.


Group Classes:

  • ET Strength Class.  This small-group course is designed to introduce athletes of all skill levels to a properly formulated strength training program. The class is based on scientific research, the experience of personal training professionals, and input from successful coaches and athletes around the country. The class includes a different workout each week that is targeted at total body development. One unique aspect of ET Strength is the alternating weeks of lower rep classic power bodybuilding with Coach Joe and higher rep functional/core exercises with Coach Christa.   CLICK HERE for the current class schedule.



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