Strength Training

Strength and Conditioning

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Group Classes:

  • ET Strength 301: Mindful Strength Training for Triathletes.  This is an 8-week course designed to teach athletes HOW to strength train with the goal of proper muscle mechanics to have a stronger swim stroke, a more powerful pedal stroke, and a more efficient run gait.  Specific strength exercises, as they directly pertain to swimming, biking and running, are explored in detail weekly, while teaching athletes HOW to control these muscle movements so THEY are in charge of their actions.  Click HERE for current class schedule.

Personal Training:

  • Triathlon strength and conditioning. Injury prevention and sustained performance over a long period of time (muscular endurance) are the reason that triathlon specific strength and conditioning should be a part of your training program.  ET coaches can develop and help you execute a personalized conditioning plan that will get you to the starting line injury free and optimized to go the distance without muscular meltdown.  Click HERE to request a personal training session.
  • Cycling strength and conditioning. Power development is a critical component for cycling performance.  While you can develop strength riding the bike, you’ll be optimized for maximum power output  and speed if you do the right strength and conditioning workouts at the right time of year.  ET coaches can provide customized, face-to-face personal training designed for cyclist, and endurance athletes.  Click HERE to request a personal training session.

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