Joe LoPresto

Joe LoPresto

CEO, Head Coach and Race Director

“To be a great coach is to know more than crunching numbers and analyzing data. To be a great coach is to know your athlete. When you know your athlete because you have built a relationship with them, you know their fears, and the stumbling blocks that they put in front of them and their potential performance. To be a great coach is to know how to listen, look into that athletes eyes and know how to pull out the best in them. That’s only possible when you have a relationship with your athlete. I’m grateful to call Joe not only my coach but one of my best friends. Because of that he pulls out the best in me.” – Jada B.

“Guru devo bhava!” means “Teacher is God!” in Sanskrit. Joe LoPresto from Experience Triathlon is the BEST tri coach ever, and I am so blessed to have him as my teacher in this Ironman journey. He took me under his wings, patiently worked through all the issues I was dealing with to help me prepare and pursue my dream. He picked me up when I was down, challenged me to push my limits when I was up. A true role model, an amazing human being, and a great friend. From the bottom of my heart, thank you Joe. The KING of the ET Village.” – Ganesh P.

Coach Joe, through dedication, reliability, motivation and pure enthusiasm, has helped hundreds of individuals and teams achieve their goals.  Through a unique blend of personal experience and quality education, Joe will help you improve your lifestyle and have more fun!

Joe has been coaching adults and youth for over 30 years: business professionals, Scouts, and Scout Leaders, and successful athletes.  Joe specializes in and has a passion for the development of high-performance life skills and personal power.  His protégés have achieved breakthroughs in many aspects of their lives, athletic and otherwise.  His soon to be released book, Beating the Demons, will help athletes become all they are meant to be in training, racing and life.

Coach Joe Evergreen Tri 2013“Some of you have asked how my event went this weekend, so here’s the story. One year ago I set a goal to complete an Olympic/International #triathlon I hired the best Tri coach around, Joe LoPresto and started the journey. This past year here is what I discovered, I’m not too old to run faster, I’m not too afraid to swim in open water, and clip-in shoes for a bike aren’t as scary as I thought. I realized whether it’s in #business or #life, you have to stretch yourself, #challenge yourself to do the things you think you can’t. I believe to really engage in life you have to invite challenge in, get close to it, and figure out how to go through it, not over it, not under it but through it. Yesterday I completed my goal and finished! I came out of it and said, “Wow, that was hard, but I did it!” #Chineseproverb “Those who say it can’t be done shouldn’t interrupt the people that are doing it!”  Thanks everyone at Experience Triathlon for the support! #believeandachieve #workhard #nogutsnoglory #proud” – Nicki A. – CEO, Naperville Chamber of Commerce

“A huge thanks goes out to my coach, Joe LoPresto, for guiding me and supporting me throughout my Tri career and especially getting me to the Ironman Wisconsin finish line yesterday! Couldn’t have done it without you coach! Thanks as always!” – Cathy O.

“Joe takes his passion, enthusiasm, and the love of triathlon and incorporates them into his teaching. Whether you are the experienced triathlete looking to improve on times, or the novice beginner, whatever skill level, you will leave each training session inspired, confident, and ready to take on any challenge. I’m hooked. Thanks Coach Joe!!” – Lynn B.

“Joe is a detail-oriented professional with a focus on the customer. His work ethic is extraordinary. I have observed, from direct interaction on the ET Batavia Triathlon Race Committee, he is exceedingly prepared, understands the issues, and works diligently to align all of the various resources within the triathlon’s scope to a single vision. He is a joy to work with. Joe gets things done and done well. I recommend him with enthusiasm.” – Anne D.

“I’d like to thank Coach Joe of Experience Triathlon for his help getting me to a PR in the marathon. After six months of working with him I shaved 45 minutes off my previous best.” – Mike L.

“Coach Joe,   I wanted to drop you a note to say thank you for the time you spent with me today. I want you to know that every day I train I do so knowing that I’m in great hands and its times like tonight, I’m grateful for how much you care about the people around you. It shows in everything you do and one thing I’ll never underestimate is how much your guidance means to me and my success is our success.  You’re the best coach hands down.” – Jim R.

Coach Joe is an Expert Level USA Triathlon Certified Coach, Level 2 TrainingPeaks Certified Coach, USAT Certified Race Director and the Founder of Experience Triathlon.  He is the Race Director for the ET Naperville Sprint Triathlon, ET Pleasant Prairie Triathlon/Duathlon, Woodridge Mini Triathlon, ET Indoor Triathlon Series and a lululemon athletica Ambassador alumnus.  Joe played a key leadership role for several years on the Personal Training staff at Life Time Fitness, where he developed and coached endurance training programs for running, swimming, cycling, triathlon and strength conditioning at four locations in the Chicago area.  Joe is also a USA Swimming Certified Stroke & Turn Official.  He has been recognized as one of the best swim teachers in the Chicago suburbs. Joe has helped hundreds of adults learn to swim so they could complete their first triathlon. Joe is a Certified USA Track & Field Coach. 

Prior to establishing Experience Triathlon, Joe held various leadership positions at IBM, Nike, The Boy Scouts of America, United Way and the Wheatland Athletic Association.

“Truly so very thankful for this human. I believe that one of the marks of a great teacher/coach/leader is that they go above and beyond to try and help each student/athlete/person reach their full potential whether it be in that specific field or life in general. Coach Joe LoPresto has done that for me time and time again and goes out of his way to help everyone. THANK YOU for being you Coach! You are truly changing the world one athlete at a time!” – Christa K.

“Coach Joe took me from nobody to a two-time 70.3 World Championships qualifier. We spent two years together, and he opened my eyes to what a difference a coached athlete vs someone doing it on their own can really be. I had competed in triathlon races for almost a decade before I took the leap to challenge myself with the half Ironman distance. At that level of commitment, I recognized I needed help. Coach Joe and I worked exclusively through the Training Peaks platform, and he delivered everything I needed. Scheduled and customized workouts, phone coaching, and an outlet for expressing my feelings and challenges throughout the process. I was also impressed with the additional resources he provided me, like access to a nutritionist and specialty bike coach. In our time together, I went from never having completed a 70.3 to 289th at the St George World championships and a 2-time qualifier. I also achieved 5th place in the Virginia State USAT Championships and finally 58th in the USAT National Championships. Thanks for everything you did for me, Coach; I’ll always remember this journey and what you did for me.” – Jay P.

“I’m 47 with a background in powerlifting. I’ve also enjoyed running and other fitness activities throughout my life. I wanted to incorporate swimming into my fitness routine to remain active as I grow older because it is easier on the joints. It also seemed like it would be a nice stress outlet. So I hit the pool but I had never had formal training and my first sessions were extremely frustrating. I tried reading books and watching youtube videos to learn proper technique but it seemed like the more I tried on my own the worse I got. So I turned to ET. Within four lessons coach Joe systematically corrected all of the major flaws in my form. Now swimming has become my primary form of cardio and is extremely enjoyable. Lessons with ET was one of the best investments I’ve ever made.” – Jim B.

2022 Ironman World Championship Finish


Joe is an accomplished age-group triathlete and runner, often with podium finishes and competing at the USA Triathlon National Championships.  He has competed at all levels of the game, from 5K to marathon run racing and Sprint to Ironman distance triathlons & duathlons. He is a nine-time Ironman finisher with a recent 1st place win at Ironman Indiana 2021 that qualified him to compete at the 2022 Ironman World Championship race in Kona. Joe personally uses multisport training and racing to improve his lifestyle.  Like many of us, he balances the challenges of daily life: raising a family, running a business, and trying to maintain a healthy body.  Joe understands both the challenge and the beauty of living a well-balanced life.  Joe will enjoy working with you, whatever your level of training, to understand your background and personal goals, and then design a training program perfect for you and your life!

Joe lives in Warrenville, IL.  He graduated from the University of Wisconsin-Madison with a BS in Engineering and has an MBA from the University of Chicago.  Joe is also a graduate of the Landmark Forum.

Joe takes pride in helping athletes obtain their personal health, happiness and fitness goals.

“Recently Fitness Magazine made a call for stories.  Their question… “Have you met a fitness person who changed your life?  We’re looking for women who met someone significant in their lives through a fitness activity or sport.”  This made me think about my first triathlon.  I wanted to do one, but could not swim.  A friend suggested I get a coach.  That’s when I found the amazing, Coach Joe LoPresto. I would not have been able to do this without his kind heart, patience, and coaching. The triathlon event was the scariest and most fun I’ve had.  I didn’t have anyone waiting at the end of the tri for me, but as I was leaving, there was Coach Joe and his heartwarming hugs.  With amazing people around you amazing things can happen.” Angie D.

“I truly appreciate having a coach who takes the time to teach his athletes about ALL aspects of being an athlete and how that ties into life in general. I have learned so much already, but know I have much more yet to learn!” – Christa K.

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