Run Training and Coaching

Custom online workout design and remote coaching

Would you like to love running, improve your performance, learn to run, or run your first 5K or a Marathon?  Let USA certified ET coaches design the perfect run workouts for you.  Did you know that improper run workouts are one of the leading causes of injuries and poor performance in both training and racing.  Every athlete has a unique background and genetics making any generic run training plan from the web or a book a less than an ideal fit.  ET running plans are customized for each athlete and allow you to safely become the runner you were meant to be.  These workouts can be efficiently delivered right to your email inbox on a weekly basis.  A web based training and logging application is included along with unlimited email and phone dialogue with your coach.  Video can also be used with remote athletes to improve ongoing communication with your coach.  Contact Coach Joe to schedule a meeting to learn more and get started!

Private lessons and workout with a coach

If you’d like to learn to run or improve your running game, private lessons are the fastest way to get there.  An ET coach can quickly assess your current level, develop real-time workouts that perfectly progress you, and discuss any topic on your mind while you workout.  What a great way to get a customized, high quality workout with an expert and have fun in the process!  Contact Coach Joe to schedule a meeting to learn more and get started!

ET Running 101 – Beginner 5K Class

An adult ‘Learn to Run’ Program. This small group workout class is designed for walkers and new runners who want to ‘learn to run’ without injury. Structured workouts and instruction at each one hour session are provided by ET coach, Bob Hammond. Program participants will have the option to race together at a designated local 5K. CLICK HERE for current class session.

ET Club

ET Club is open to everyone – regardless of fitness level or running experience!!  We invite you to come join one of our regular group runs that are held on Saturday mornings. We run outside year-round, and we run in small groups according to distance and pace. The distance typically ranges from 3 to 7 miles on any given run with paces ranging from 7 to 13 minutes per mile.  We make sure no one runs alone.  One of the highlights of our group run is the coffee social held after every run — after all, who doesn’t run to EAT? Click HERE to learn more, register and find the location/time for the next Club run date.

ET Treadmill Track

Can’t wait for spring to get faster? Looking for a speed workout this winter? Afraid it’s too slick for the outdoor track?  Give ET Treadmill Track a try!!  These time-based, one hour workouts will help you keep your hard-earned speed over the winter months and keep you safe from the hazards of outdoor interval running during the winter.  ET Treadmill Track features interval training based on time, not distance, so anyone can participate at their own pace.  The class is for anyone looking for an intense run workout to improve both speed and efficiency.  CLICK HERE for current class session.

Group Track Program

ET Track is a weekly outdoor spring and summer group coached track program designed to improve your run speed.  Runners should have at least six months of consistent running three times per week.  Group coaching is provided on key topics such as pace, proper fast running form, running drills, breathing, heart rate zone training, interval training, injury prevention, race strategies and recovery.  Participants will learn to adapt the legs to faster turnover and the body to higher demands, increase physiological efficiency and improve top speed, enjoy a great environment for the ‘feel’ of speed, and receive performance feedback.  CLICK HERE for current class session.

Half Marathon Training Class

So, you want to run a half marathon?  Whether you’re a first-timer or you’re looking to improve your performance at the half marathon distance, our Half Marathon Training Class is for you!  Now in it’s 10th year!! CLICK HERE for current class session.