• ET Drawstring Bag

    Black bag with white ET logo.

    • 1″ reflective stripes on this heavyweight polypropylene backpack.
    • Drawstring closure with reinforced corner grommets and carrying handles provide easy access and convenient carrying options for personal preference – use it as a tote, sling it over one shoulder or wear it on both shoulders like a backpack.
    • Bag’s durable material is tear-resistant and water-repellent, so you can be sure your message is around for the long haul.
    • Size: 20″ x 16″.

    ET Club members and ET coached athletes can enter discount code in shopping cart.

  • ET race belt

    ET Race Belt


    The “Snap” attachment system for Xtreme racing has a very low profile and will attach your race number very securely and keep it in place.  Snaps work thru any numbered bib material.

    Number can be positioned higher or lower on the belt for more comfort and visibility.  Fits any size race number.

  • ET Timing Chip Strap

    These high quality, custom logo straps are used to attach event timing chip around ankle.  Often times the event provides timing strap is worn with velcro that’s weak.  Bring your own strap to ensure your chip stays on and you represent Team ET!

  • ET Towel

    • Jewel Collection Soft Touch Sport/Stadium Towel – 15 x 18″
    • Navy blue with white lettering






  • ET Travel Tumbler – Blue

    ET Travel Tumbler – Blue


    This handy blue ET Travel Tumbler with white ET logo features a stainless steel exterior with a PE plastic inner liner.  Dual-wall construction keeps your drinks fresh and retains their temperature for hours.  Enjoy cold beverages without a sweating bottle—the double wall enclosure stops condensation from building on the outer wall.  When filled with hot drinks, the interior stays piping hot while the exterior remains cool to the touch.

  • ET Water Bottle

    ET Water Bottle – Classic by Specialized


    24-ounce custom logo water bottle. Clear bottle so you can see the type and level of your beverage. Black ET logo.


    ET Club members and ET coached athletes can enter discount code in shopping cart.



  • Smoky Jon’s BBQ Sauce

    SMOKY JON’S #1 BBQ has been representing Madison Wisconsin in prestigious barbeque competitions all over the U.S.A. for over 32 years. Smoky Jon set lofty goals to win World and National BBQ Championships. By working tirelessly at the art of producing World Class wood and charcoal cooked BBQ, these goals were attained. The road was not an easy one, but few great accomplishments in life are. Never in the history of BBQ in Madison, Wisconsin has any independent BBQ restaurateur, BBQ caterer, or BBQ contest participant ever won any World or National BBQ championship, let alone, winning over 100 World and National BBQ awards. Smoky Jon’s is proud to represent Madison Wisconsin in BBQ competitions and to have earned the title of “Madison’s All-Time BBQ King”!