Announcing Expansion of Mental Skills Training

Announcing Expansion of Mental Skills Training

Pleasant Prairie Triathlon 2012 swim start

Think back to one of your best races…what made it such a rewarding, successful experience? I’m guessing you will say something like…”it just flowed” or “it all came together”. What if you could learn to create this experience again and again? With effective training in mental skills athletes can achieve the relaxed, confident, focused and in control feeling that allow them to compete in this optimal state of mind.

Mental toughness, known as the ability to compete in the “zone” is a learned state of mind. It is a skill that can be acquired through practice and discipline and built over time, just as physical skills are developed and strengthened over time. Each workout and race provides an opportunity to put mental toughness into practice.

A great way to get started working on developing mental skills is to come in for an assessment that will provide you with an opportunity to learn about your areas of strength and weakness across nine components of mental skills development. The assessment along with a one-on-one interview will provide a working blueprint for the areas of mental skills that will require further development to effectively enhance your performance and help you achieve success.

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