Mental Skills Training

Mental Skills Training

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What is the purpose?

To help the athlete develop mental skills and toughness to improve his or her mental edge, which allows the athlete to transfer the “A -Game” from practice and training to competition and to life beyond athletics.

Who could benefit from Mental Skills Training?

  • Athletes who want to take their mental training to the next level.
  • Athletes looking for methods to tap into their full potential.
  • Athletes needing to be more aggressive in their performance which translates into better competitive behavior.
  • Athletes coping with injury.
  • Athletes who want to enhance focus and concentration.
  • Athletes who want to improve and reach peak performance.

How does it work?

Assessment tools include empirically supported measurement tools along with self-report questionnaires are used to identify and assess challenges, weaknesses, and strengths that may have a direct effect on athletic performance.

What is the outcome?

A personalized mental game plan that can be implemented during training and transferred to competition.  An increased ability to set proper goals, work through mental blocks and reach your full potential.

Who does the consultations?

Adrienne Skinner, Psy. D. and ET Team Psychologist.  Click here to read more about Adrienne.

How do I get started?

Click here to complete our consultation request form.