Cycling 102 – Understanding your Gears and how to make them work for you

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Cycling 102 – Understanding your Gears and how to make them work for you


DATE:  Saturday 12/22/18


Our bike’s gears are one of the most important components on our bicycles in terms of helping us ride efficiently and strategically.  Using them should feel as natural as breathing, with shifting becoming second nature in response to the slightest changes in grade and wind.


However, as intimidating as this may sound, it need not be!  Our gears make use of simple math equations, and using them makes use of our science and artistic minds….but understanding what goes into this makes it so that we do this automatically while riding.  This is HUGE!  It CAN be the difference between being on the podium, or not!  (And it can be the difference between a well-played hilly or windy bike ride, or one that leaves your legs dead for the run.)


This NEW clinic will have participants looking closely at THEIR bike(s)’ gears, going through some math equations (please do NOT let this scare you off, however!  We will help you with this!) to know what their different gears allow them to do, and then putting bikes on our CompuTrainer machines to test out HOW to shift on hilly terrain, smartly.


There may be no better or more practical “instruction-to-actual-performance” lessons out there to learn when it comes to cycling.  This class is designed for ALL cyclists, regardless of your current knowledge or understanding of your bike, and regardless of what your own personal ability level or experience level is!


COST:  $40


DATE:  Saturday 12/22/18


TIME:  7:00am-8:30am


LOCATION:  ET CompuTrainer Studio

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