The Team

The Team

By Michael P.
Ironman Finisher

I have discovered that in life there is something very unique about the joy that is found in sharing experiences with others.

As athletes, we all have our stories of success and failure, health and sickness, and all of the other experiences that make us who we are. They are the drivers that convince us to take on this most difficult and challenging journey! We find comfort in knowing that we are not alone as we introduce ourselves to other athletes who are aspiring to their next PR, first Ironman finish or their first swim, bike, run.

For me, the road to the Ironman finish line has been a journey filled with soaring mountain tops and low lying valleys. I reached heights that I never knew existed where I was on top of the world and the lows that sent me into tail spins leaving me filled with negative self talk that stopped me in my tracks.

Although the majority of my training hours were spent alone, most Wednesday evenings and Sunday mornings, I had the privilege of riding with a group of men and women from Experience Triathlon Coaching Services who over time I began referring to as my team. That team, whether knowingly or not, both inspired me to be a better person and reminded me that during those long training hours spent alone, we were doing it together! I realized that during my time spent alone and in the lows of the valley, there was tremendous growth but when on the mountain top, I was not alone but instead with my team, my friends, and my loved ones. Upon reflection, it was the opportunity to share my experiences with them that made it so amazing! Anyone present at the Ironman Wisconsin 2023 finish line stands witness to this truth.

I am so privileged and grateful to have found this team, Team ET! It has been both the gateway and cornerstone behind this epic journey!

To the “Boys”, if you’re reading this, you know who you are- I love you guys!! What an incredible journey!

Congratulations to all the athletes aspiring to be better than they were yesterday!

I am so grateful for my wife MC, my coaches Joe LoPresto and Christa Krause, and Team ET for an amazing year! Without you this would not have been possible!!

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