My Journey to Ironman Wisconsin

My Journey to Ironman Wisconsin

bob-d-and-coach-joe-at-ironman-wisconsinby Robert D.

Looking for a change in my life, I started running about five years ago. When I first started I couldn’t run a block if my life depended on it. Little by little, I started getting better, so I signed up for the Shamrock Shuffle 8K and finished. I was hooked after that. I did a marathon that first year, and every year after that I wanted to outdo the previous. I joined the Marathon Maniacs and soon I was running six per year. After doing that for a few years I was looking for a new challenge.

In 2015 I signed up for a few triathlons, one being a half Ironman.  Only one problem, I didn’t know how to swim. That’s where Experience Triathlon (ET) came in. I took private lessons with ET and did the ET Swim 101 class a couple of times. These gave me the confidence I needed to get through the races. I biked with the group but did the running on my own. I made it through the year without any problems.

I soon started making goals and signing up for races for the following year. Ironman Wisconsin was to be my “A” race.  I knew I couldn’t do this one alone so I reached out to Coach Joe to discuss ET Personal Coaching and within a week I started as an ET coached athlete.  I remember giving him a list of all the races I signed up for that year. He didn’t say anything but he must have thought I was crazy. He did a great job navigating me through the obstacle course of races month after month and adjusting when needed.  I did the ET Summer Camp in Madison with the group, which turned out to be a big confidence booster. I was now ready for the big race.

The only thing I was a bit nervous about was the swim, which turned out to be the easiest of the three.  It’s kind of weird, it was a long day but it went by so quick. The things I remember most that day were my family being there to cheer me on. The volunteers were unbelievably awesome; they actually helped take my shoes and socks off after the bike and dress for the run. I also now understand what is meant when they talk about the world famous ET Cheer Crew. They were everywhere! A real big boost in areas where no one else was around. I had some nutrition related challenges on the run, but Coach Joe and ET Team Dietitian, Laurie Schubert, were there with a quick solution to get me through the finish line.

I had a great time overall. Thanks to my family, ET Cheer Crew, and all my coaches for a great year of racing!

So how do I out do myself next year?



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