Run Training Tip – Free Speed!

Run Training Tip – Free Speed!

run training tip glute stretchWant a quick and easy way to get some free speed on your next run? Here is how to do it and it only takes three minutes!

You will need two items for this: a foam roller, and a softball (preferably a 14″ or 16″ softball), or tennis ball.

Follow this quick joint-loosening/muscle activating routine to get the most from your legs before you head outdoors or hop on the treadmill.

Left leg/hip:

  1. Sit on the ground with your legs extended in front of you.
  2. 15-30 seconds of sitting on the softball (or tennis ball). Place it under your left glute, and work it around your hip joint. This helps break up adhesions around your joint.
  3. 15-30 seconds of hamstring work. Place the softball in random spots along your left hamstrings. “Roll” over the softball from side-to-side very slightly, until you feel your hami’s move/roll beneath you.
  4. 30-seconds of foam rolling on your IT-Band and Quads.
  5. 15-seconds of “figure 4” glute stretch. (Lie on ground, crossing left foot over right knee. Raise your right leg toward you to create a stretch in your left hip joint.)


repeat steps 1-5

Now get out there and enjoy your run! =)

Sarah Wangerin – Triathlon and Cycling Coach – Licensed Massage Therapist


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