Sarah Wangerin

Director of Massage Therapy
Triathlon Coach
Cycling Coach
Licensed Massage Therapist

Never one to shy from a challenge, Coach Sarah stumbled (for lack of a better word) upon triathlon after suffering from a herniated back soon after having her third child.  Ironically the very sport which drives her the most within the sport of triathlon—that of cycling—was a sport she had gotten very far away from for a decade before her back injury led her back to the bicycle as a means of recovery.  From there, she serendipitously found Experience Triathlon via it’s Beginner Tri Training Class, and instantly got hooked on the scientific and artistic elements of the sport of triathlon…having absolutely no swimming or running background.  😊

Early racing successes with overall podium finishes and age group podium finishes got her even further hooked, as she began wondering not only “how” to make herself better, but HOW to make OTHERS better at the sport too.  Cycling came naturally.  Swimming and running took a bit more time.  She soon became licensed as a USA Cycling Level 3 coach, and then as a Massage Therapist, to further delve into the human body and kinetic chain at work while in motion.  From there, she became certified as a USA Triathlon Level 1 coach, and has since coached numerous athletes of varying athletic backgrounds to first-time race finishes, Personal Records, and overall local and National podium and age group wins.Coach Sarah at NOLA 70point3

Sarah has completed numerous Sprint and Olympic and Half Ironman races, along with 2 full Ironman distance races.  She has competed in numerous cycling Time Trial events, enjoying the journey “into the pain cave” that such racing induces.  A few of her favorite racing memories include NOT-drowning during her first terrifying open water swimming triathlon race (!!), and beating all the boys alongside her in a time trial event!  😊

She takes enormous pleasure in working with athletes of all levels—new to expert—coaching them from Sprint to Ironman distance triathlon races, from cycling races/events to 5ks to marathons.  “Brand-new athletes/triathletes” bring an inspiring wide-eyed view of racing that can be so rewarding to help mold, while athletes who come from an extensive and comprehensive background mandate a exciting and relentless quest for tiny refinement in their training to produce continued gains in their performance.

“I have been working with Coach Sarah for 3 months now, and in that time I have become a stronger, faster biker, a more proficient swimmer (although I still have work to do) and dare I say a runner…I am currently training for a 10k and I never thought I would be able to run a mile, let alone 6. She is so encouraging, wise, accomplished, and I have learned so much from her. Coach Sarah, thank you for working with me and I can’t wait to see what the next year brings. You’re the best!!! – Sharon K.    More Coach Sarah testimonials


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