Proving there is always a positive and moving on!

Proving there is always a positive and moving on!

Smiling as Coach Joe yells “there’s your mom and brother!!”

Smiling as Coach Joe yells “there’s your mom and brother!!”

by Kristin B.

Yesterday (The ET Batavia Sprint Triathlon) was an amazing race.  Coach Joe masterfully executed a well-organized, fun, inviting, competitive race that was supported by many wonderful volunteers.  Race weather was perfect and road conditions were great.  At the finish I spoke to many Experience Triathlon athletes who had an amazing race, and some who had a race that just “didn’t go as planned.”  I happened to have one of those “didn’t go as planned” races, and my purpose in this blog is to share some strategies that I use to move on!

When I first started racing (and most of last year), I didn’t really have any “didn’t go as planned races.”  Every race was exciting a new PR, a new level of excitement that I could carry over to my next race to keep me energized and in love with the sport of triathlon.  My final race of last season (what was supposed to be my A race) was a “didn’t go as planned.”  I called Coach Joe upset and discouraged and he told me a story of a professional triathlete that is happy to have one to two good races per season.  I was shocked.  Not everyone has a great race, at every event?  Nevertheless I was happy to hear that there were others in my boat.

Reflecting and proving the positive… To be honest, the start of the 2013 tri season has been a little rough for me.  What I have started to do is find the silver lining in my race.  I think of every race as three separate events.  What event(s) went well?  What event(s) went not so well?  Where is there room for improvement, and what should I focus my training on?  Most of the time by splitting up your events you can find positives in your race and be proud of those great things you accomplished.  There also may be days when the whole race just doesn’t go well and this task is more daunting.  On those days I take a hard look at the other factors that you can influence… What was my nutrition like leading up the race?  Was I well rested?  Was I adequately hydrated?  Was I mentally in check?

Moving on… Truth be told, if I have a race that “didn’t go as planned” I am not a fun person to be around.  A lot of negatives run through my head, and I can get pretty down on myself.  I typically give myself a day to work those out.   But then I move on!  Today is a new day.  This week is a new week of training.  And for those of us who are working towards the USAT National Championships (or any A race in August) we have two sunny summer months to get into gear!  So whether you had a great race or a “didn’t go as planned,” I invite you to join me this week, month, and the next to have some great workouts.  Prove to yourself there is a positive in every race and workout you do and move on!

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  • Jeff P

    Good article, Kristin. We need these reminders to let the negative stuff go and focus on finding the positive to build on. USAT Nationals! Here we come!

  • TanyaL11

    Great article Kristin!! It really is good hear that others have the same “didn’t go as planned” races. Those are the experiences we learn the most from. I use the strategies from your article and they really help me to keep my chin up and keep moving on! Thanks for sharing this!!

  • Well said Kris! As you highlighted, everyone has tough races and training days. But champions dust themselves off quickly and get back in the game. This always reminds me of the Japanese philosophy of Fall Down Seven Times, Get Up Eight. I’m looking forward to being with you at Evergreen and then it’s on to Nationals!! 🙂

  • Jim R

    Great article and a fantastic attitude towards races that may not go as planned. Good luck at Nationals and you can count on Cheryl and I being there to cheer you on.

  • Kristin,

    Nice words of wisdom here for a new triathlete. I thought every race was going to be a PR! Thanks for sharing – and for the reality check.