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CompuTrainer – Week of December 21


Sweat.  Music.  More Sweat.  Laughter.  Competitive Drive.  Encouragement.  Coaching.  Coffee.  Stretching.  Chilling.  Improvement.


New Naperville location on Bond Street with more space, better ventilation, improved air filtration system and more!! See details tab below.


Rides range in length from 60-120 minutes, packed full with content to train every physiological system a rider needs to take their ride to the next level.  Each class is personally coached, and with a small class size, there is plenty of interaction time with other riders and the coach.  For those looking to ride “solo”, just bring along a pair of earbuds, and allow yourself to have the ride unfold before you while you go into your own mind.


Instant feedback on a rider’s effort allows one to adjust their pedal stroke mechanics and muscular engagement to make the most of their training.  Seeing data of other riders gives the extra added incentive to never give up, and keep pushing harder.   No matter a cyclist’s riding ability, this program WILL help them improve their cycling fitness while becoming more mindful of their pedaling efficiency.


Short Ride Classes:   These intensity interval workouts will last in duration from 60-80 minutes in length, and will focus on training an athlete’s engine, from anaerobic intervals to VO2max work, to Functional Threshold stabilization.  Plenty of recovery time will be incorporated to these workouts to allow for the best workout possible.


Long Ride Classes:   These classes are 2 hours of riding various course from around the world.  There will be a mix of flatter courses with specific energy system focuses, along with plenty of hilly course rides, including the local favorite of Ironman Wisconsin, for riders to practice riding with instant performance feedback and the company of others to motivate and push oneself.


Once a ride is done, enjoy some stretch and relax time in ET’s Stretch and Rest lounge, complete with foam rollers, yoga mats, and coffee!


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December 21 – December 27, 2020. 

Shorter duration interval classes:

  • Mondays 6:00 PM
  • Wednesdays 9:30 AM
  • Wednesdays 4:30 PM
  • Wednesdays 6:00 PM
  • Wednesdays 7:30 PM
  • Thursdays 5:30 AM
  • Sundays 6:30 AM

Long course classes:

  • Sundays 8:00-10:00 AM
  • Sundays 10:30-am-12:30 PM

 New Naperville location improvement:

  • Larger, 3000 sq ft. finished room with improved air filter system and ventilation.
  • Plenty of extra floor space for entering, staging bikes, changing that allows for easy social distancing.
  • New, much wider wood platforms to increase space between riders during workout.
  • New, clear plastic “shower curtain” style vapor barriers between each rider.
  • Newer CT trainers, consoles and cables!
  • More space for bike storage.
  • Larger, newer bathrooms.
  • More parking spots closer to the entry door.
  • Private space. Only ET will be using the studio.

Covid safety protocols and processes:

  • Wellness checks at entry. Temperature scans and Covid-19 wellness questions.
  • Mask will be required at all times except while riding.
  • Coaches will wear mask for the entire class.
  • PURELL Touch-Free Foam Hand Sanitizer Dispenser.
  • All touch points and CT trainer floors will be cleaned and sanitized after every class.




Location: ET CompuTrainer Studio – Bond St., Naperville. (Directions provided to registered athletes)


Want to get faster on the bike for next race season? ET CompuTrainer can help!

Proven by professional triathletes, cyclists and age groupers to improve speed and pedaling efficiency, the CompuTrainer MultiRider system provides a new, exciting and technically superior way to stay motivated through the long winter months. Coach-designed interval workouts and classic CompuTrainer course rides will improve your power output and race speed.