How to Handle Mental Fatigue During Training

How to Handle Mental Fatigue During Training

by Coach Eric

You sign up for that race. Maybe it’s your first ever. Maybe it’s your first time at a longer distance. Excitement is there too when you sign up for a race or distance that you’ve done before. The next step then is we get our training plan or let our coach know our plans and dive into training! Those early sessions are filled with excitement and anticipation and hopefully get off to a good start. But what happens when that initial excitement fades? Or, how about when it becomes hot and humid during your training cycle? Hot and sweaty runs and bikes can take a toll on us mentally. It’s important to be aware of this impact and take care of our mind as well.

So, how do we navigate through this challenge in our training? One suggestion I have for you is to see if you can vary your routine at all. Are you able to switch a workout around? Can you run or bike a new route? It is amazing what experiencing new scenery can do for you. Something else to consider, are you working out alone? Group runs and group rides are great motivators and really help athletes stay engaged and focused during the workout. Experience Triathlon has group workouts you should certainly check out!

When it comes to heat and humidity, unfortunately, we can’t always avoid it. Besides the usual hydration (extra if it’s really hot) maybe throw in some sort of treat as an incentive. My wife rewards herself with a GU block when she hits a certain point on her runs, she also arranges routes to end at coffee shops. Incentives like these help so much!

It is normal to have some mental fatigue during a training cycle. Give one of these suggestions a try to keep you mentally sharp!

Eric is a Triathlon Coach with Experience Triathlon. As leaders in the endurance services industry, Coach Eric and the Experience Triathlon team help athletes of all ages and abilities achieve success in training, racing and life. Learn more about Coach Eric and Experience Triathlon at

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