What if I Become the person I want to see at the starting line?

What if I Become the person I want to see at the starting line?

by David H.

I’m training for my next Ironman as my next-level Ironman. My first Ironman finish, Ironman Wisconsin 2021, was one of the most satisfying experiences of my life, but I won’t be satisfied to simply repeat the experience. I learned so much from that day, so rather than just racing harder next time, I know I can race smarter. And I learned a lot during this year between Ironmans that I’ll draw upon, too. But, you know what? Only a portion of what I learned could be simply added to a checklist of extra things to pack in my transition bag or a to-do list to draw lines through during race week.

The fact is, I don’t know if I can race better, but I know for certain that I can be a better racer. I asked Coach Joe LoPresto of Experience Triathlon to improve my swim stroke, and he gave me things to focus on, and part of that is strengthening specific muscles, including my core. I knew I needed to be much slimmer. So, I have ET’s Registered Dietician, Dr. Laurie Schubert, helping me make the best weight loss/maintenance and sports nutrition choices. But smart eating and strong muscles require more attention than just a few times a month. It’s everyday stuff. It’s self-discipline. It’s habit-building and tracking.

Now, is anyone demanding I show up at Ironman Canada next August…ready to show up other guys my age? Is anyone asking me to go at all? No! Certainly not. But it got into my head last summer. It got into my head, and I can’t get it out: I can make small changes. I can tackle things day by day. I can build habits. I can build that better racer, that better athlete, that better person. And now I have to know: What if I become the person I want to see at the starting line? Wouldn’t it be so cool to be that person and see what happens after the gun goes off?

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