The Year of First

The Year of First

by Sue S.

Around 10-12 years ago I started doing triathlons at the encouragement of a co-worker, who has since passed away. Julie inspired me to “tri.” I did and it was a lot of fun. I trained by myself mostly and used the triathlon books to create workouts. What I found is that I usually over trained and ended up injuring myself. I completed a number of sprint and Olympic distances and somewhere along the way I promised myself that I would do a half Ironman by the time I turned 50.

Unfortunately, I stopped doing triathlons a few years back, but I never forgot my promise. The years were creeping up on me and I needed to complete my goal. I knew I would never be able to accomplish this goal without a professional, certified coach.

I was extremely lucky to have met Vicky Tate at my fitness club. She was coaching the master’s swim group there and a two-hour cycle camp. I came to find out that she had completed the Ironman Racine 70.3 and was a Personal Coach with Experience Triathlon Coaching Services.

I was so excited to have her coach me. She was truly an inspiration and was there for me when I needed her most. I named this year “The Year of Firsts!” I have never swum, biked, and run so much in all my life! There were a few injury setbacks, but Vicky got me through.

I rode every Wednesday and Sunday with the ET group rides with Vicky’s encouragement and I am very grateful that I did. The rides were long and it was great to have people to do them with. I met a lot of great people through Experience Triathlon and their support is amazing. Thanks, ET!

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