Starting a New Hobby

Starting a New Hobby

by Alyse K.

In March of 2011 I committed to losing weight and getting back in shape. I started a weight loss program and worked out six days a week. I lost 48 pounds, and in August of 2011 I competed in a half sprint triathlon. I was hooked. After a long winter of spin classes and treadmill running, I found Experience Triathlon this spring through my local bike shop, Spokes Wheaton. I joined the triathlon club, signed up for track class with Coach Joe, and started running faster than I ever have!

This spring I competed in my first duathlon, Galena, and we all know how hot that was! I was approaching the finish line after a very long race, and heard someone say, “Alyse, there’s huge cheering section waiting for you to cross the finish line.” I was getting close to the end, and saw all the ET folks cheering me on! This was so unexpected as I finished nearly two hours after many of them had finished. What a special group!

After that race, I knew I trained hard by myself, but didn’t think I was training as smart as I could for triathlons. So I talked with Coach Joe, and found out that the person who had been cheering me on from day one was actually a coach for ET. It was an easy decision to start coaching services with Coach Cathy! She always had a kind word and a big cheer for me at track – no matter how slow I was or how much behind everyone else I was. Although I trained with her for one only week before I competed in my first full sprint triathlon, SheRox, it made all the difference. Coach Cathy took me out on my new bike the week before and taught me how to shift properly. She provided workouts that kept a tight hamstring on the mend while getting me ready to race. I learned how to properly prepare the day before and fire my muscles at race pace. A pre-race call on Saturday answered any questions for my first sprint. I felt so much more prepared going into race day than I would have on my own. My race was a success for me! I broke my goal, shifted with ease on my bike, and ran without any injury to my hamstring – and even heard Coach Joe in my mind saying, “They’re just 800’s, Alyse,” before I started running on another hot day. Coach Cathy and I talked right after I crossed the finish line, and it was great to share my experience with her. I am thankful for her knowledge and cheerfulness! I am looking forward to participating with ET athletes in future triathlons!



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