Glowing in Galena

Glowing in Galena

by Coach Joe

OMG was that HOT!!  Might have been the hottest day in Galena Tri history!  Congrats to all the finishers, and a huge THANK YOU to our world class cheer crew.  An extreme weather day set the stage for our 2012 tri season team kickoff race.  We shined through it the ET way with big smiles, fabulous fun and team fellowship!  I think a comment from Bob’s race report summed it up pretty well.

“What a great day we all had at the Galena Triathlon. We did not all do as well, time-wise, as we may have liked, but the support from our fellow ET competitors and from those who traveled to watch and cheer was outstanding! Steve Mule’ even drove all night from St. Louis to support ET! What a day!  I’d like to personally thank Coach Joe, Coach Sue and Coach Sarah for all the support and hard work they’ve shown me to get me to this point. My swim and bike were strengths in Galena and I could never say that before. The journey to Ironman glory has just begun. I can’t wait to continue it with ET!”

Next up in our team race series is our very own ET Batavia Triathlon and Duathlon on June 10.  I know that most of you will be there to race or volunteer.  I’m looking forward to another outstanding weekend in the ET sandbox with everyone!

Enjoy all the Galena 2012 photos on the ET Photo Gallery.

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