Announcing ET Testing Services

Announcing ET Testing Services

ET Testing SericesNAPERVILLE, May 7, 2012 – Experience Triathlon is pleased to announce the formation of ET Testing Services, a world class performance enhancement testing program, in partnership with Exercising Nutritionally. For the first time in the Chicago area, the same type of sports performance testing Exercising Nutritionally has performed in research studies with Olympic and world-class athletes will be provided to athletes of all ability levels.

Testing procedures will use highly standardized testing and state-of-the-art medical grade testing equipment to help athletes and coaches get the information needed to optimize athlete performance in training and racing.  Additionally, ET Testing Services will help athletes improve their body composition, better balance their nutritional and performance needs, and improve their overall health and wellness profile.

“Experience Triathlon is very excited to form this long-term strategic partnership with Exercising Nutritionally.  We believe the combination of medical grade testing that is accurate and repeatable, coupled with coach developed training plans based on test outcomes, will help us improve the performance and wellness of all athletes,” said Joe LoPresto, Founder of Experience Triathlon.

Naperville based Experience Triathlon is a leader in the endurance services industry.  Their tag line, “Where being a winner is as important as being the winner,” highlights their belief that training, racing and life are about the journey, not just the end results.  Experience Triathlon provides endurance coaching services, clubs, camps, race events, nutrition coaching, massage therapy and performance testing to athletes in the Chicago area and around the world.

Exercising Nutritionally, LLC, a private consultancy focused on working with competitive athletes and community groups assists in the development of programs to enhance sports performance and healthy lifestyles.  Exercising Nutritionally’s core research focuses on health interventions for the treatment and prevention of obesity and cardiovascular disease as well as sports performance enhancement.  Exercising Nutritionally is the only Chicago area sports performance testing group where all testing is done by individuals with advanced degrees in exercise physiology, exercise biochemistry, or sports performance enhancement.  Their staff understands the importance of reliable and accurate testing in order to optimize athletic performance.

According to Dr. Broeder, the CEO of Exercising Nutritionally, “The partnership between Experience Triathlon and Exercising Nutritionally establishes a new standard in sports performance assessment, program development, and the monitoring of all aspiring athletes, from beginners to seasoned veterans.”  Throughout 30 years of research and sports performance testing, Dr. Broeder’s personal core philosophy about physiological testing is that every person, regardless of experience, deserves the same standard and quality testing that all Olympic and world-class athletes expect from their sports performance team physiologists.  As a result, Exercising Nutritionally, LLC, promises they will always strive to provide you with the most professional and scientifically sound testing designed to help you find the amazing athlete hiding inside of you!

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