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ET Testing Services

Chicago’s premier sports performance testing service!

Experience Triathlon is proud to be partnering with Exercising Nutritionally, LLC in providing a world class performance enhancement testing program.  For the first time in the Chicago area, the same type of sports performance testing Exercising Nutritionally, LLC has performed in research studies with Olympic and World Class athletes will be provided to athletes of all ability levels.

All testing procedures will use highly standardized testing and state-of-the-art medical grade testing equipment to help our athletes and coaches get the information needed to optimize athlete performance in training and racing.  We’ll also offer testing options to help athletes improve their body composition profile, better balance their nutritional and performance needs, and improve their over-all health and wellness profile.

Exercising Nutrionally, LLC is the only sports performance testing group where all testing is done by individuals with advanced degrees in exercise physiology, exercise biochemistry, or sp0rts performance enhancement.  Our staff understands the importance of reliable and accurate testing in order to optimize athletic performance.

“I enjoyed this testing immensely and would recommend it to anyone looking to improve their training sessions and fitness. Its an amazing tool, thanks Coach Joe for offering such a  world class service. Its just one of many offerings that puts Experience Triathlon at the pinnacle of their game.” – Jim R.

“I too will attest to the excellence and expertise that Dr. Craig brings to Experience Triathlon with his services!  The testing I’ve had done thus far has provided a huge opportunity for my own personal growth as a cyclist, and I’m so glad that we have this truly world-class testing available to us here at ET!  Thanks Dr. Craig, and thanks Coach Joe!  🙂 ” – Sarah F.