Announcing Experience Massage

Announcing Experience Massage

ET massage therapy servicesWe are constantly in motion.  As athletes, we are no strangers to the role our muscles play in our endeavors.  We are no strangers to the stress we put our muscles through, or the tightness, soreness or achiness that follow some of our tougher workouts.

We get through it somehow, sometimes just by waiting it out.  But what if there was MORE we could do to speed the process?  MORE we could do to learn how to keep ongoing muscular tension at bay?  MORE we could do to learn about our own muscular patterns and habits throughout the day & night, and during our workouts?  We could begin a process of self-awareness that would enable us to utilize our muscles as efficiently as possible throughout every aspect of life!

It is on these notions that Experience Triathlon is proud & excited to announce its latest service  – Experience Massage.   Led by Sarah Wangerin, LMT & USAC Cycling Coach, Experience Massage will offer massages to ET athletes & ET Club members, and to the general public as well.  It will be housed out of ARC Physical Therapy in LifeStart—Central Park. 

Experience Massage will treat clients in a therapeutic setting, where it’s not just about giving temporary relief to sore muscles or joints.  It is about journeying down a path of self-awareness, so that one can learn more about their own patterns and habits, and how these might either help or hinder their own movement.  It’s about educating clients on ways to administer self-care, and become aware of possible muscular imbalances that might contribute to injuries or soreness.

We look forward to serving you in this capacity, and hope you will take a step towards a more balanced self by scheduling a massage with Experience Massage!

Click here to learn more about Experience Massage and schedule a massage appointment.



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