• CompuTrainer Winter I Session Nov 6 thru Jan 21

    Sweat.  Music.  More Sweat.  Laughter.  Competitive Drive.  Encouragement.  Coaching.  Coffee.  Stretching.  Chilling.  Improvement.


    Experience Triathlon is proud to announce their 2017-2018 CompuTrainer Winter I Session, lasting 11 weeks due to a few holiday dates, with rides ranging in length from 60-120 minutes, packed full with content to train every physiological system a rider needs to take their ride to the next level.  Each class is personally coached, and with a small class size, there is plenty of interaction time amongst riders and coach.  For those looking to ride “solo”, just bring along a pair of earbuds, and allow yourself to have the ride unfold before you while you go into your own mind.


    Instant feedback on a rider’s effort allows one to adjust their pedal stroke mechanics and muscular engagement to make the most of their training.  Seeing data of other riders gives the extra added incentive to never give up, and keep pushing harder.   No matter a cyclist’s riding ability, this program WILL help them improve their cycling fitness while becoming more mindful of their pedaling efficiency.


    Short Ride Courses:  ET will offer two separate short course rides, changing mid-week, for those looking to ride twice and wanting different content.  Monday through Wednesday will offer one ride, while Thursday through Sunday will offer a second ride.  These rides will last in duration from 60-80 minutes in length, and will focus on training an athlete’s engine, from anaerobic intervals to VO2max work, to Functional Threshold stabilization.  Plenty of recovery time will be incorporated to these workouts to allow for the best workout possible.


    Long Ride Courses:  We will be incorporating the use of Quadrant Pedaling, along with mindful training of one’s energy expenditure while riding for upwards of 2+-hours per class.  There will be a mix of flat courses with specific energy system focuses, along with plenty of hilly course rides, including the local favorite of Ironman Wisconsin, for riders to practice riding with instant performance feedback and the company of others to motivate and push oneself.  These will also be coached courses, allowing for interaction as riders need it.


    Once a ride is done, enjoy some stretch and relax time in ET’s new Stretch and Rest lounge, complete with foam rollers, yoga mats, and coffee!


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  • ET Tri 150 – Beginner Tri Training Class – Dec 9 – Jan 13

    Get ready to Tri with Experience Triathlon’s 12th annual Beginner Tri Training Class.


    Our USAT Certified Coaching staff will help you prepare for your first triathlon. Both weekly workouts and educational clinics on swim, bike, run and transitions are included in this 6-week program. This class will have a special focus for preparing athletes for the ET Indoor Triathlons on January 21, February 25 and March 25.  It’s also a great way to get ahead on your training for the ET Batavia Triathlon on June 10, 2018.


    Registration Notes: 1.) Class registration fee is non-refundable. 2.) By registering for this activity, I confirm that I have read and agree to the Experience Triathlon Release and Waiver of Liability Agreement.


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    $125.00 $104.00
  • Masters Swimming – Elk Grove Village

    Registration is now open! Start any week!!


    ET Masters at the Pavilion Aquatics Centers brand new 25 yard, IHSA regulation size pool in Elk Grove Village is a weekly adult swimming program designed for triathlon and fitness swimmers. USA Certified coaching staff of Experience Triathlon will provide structured workouts and explain how to do the workouts and drills at each one-hour group session.


    Pre-requisite swim level: Swimmers should be able to complete at least 1000 yards total of non-continuous freestyle swimming at any speed level over the 60 minute class session.


    Please note that Masters swimming is a group workout session, not swim lessons. If you’re interested in private swim lessons, please Contact Us with your request.


    “ET Masters has been an amazing help to me with my swim technique…every time I swam Masters Class, the coaches were able to pinpoint one particular area for me to work on, and with those minor changes and their encouragement, I was able to take my swim to a whole new level! Thank you, ET!!”



    Thursday mornings 6:10 – 7:10 AM

    Monday evenings 7:45 – 8:45 PM

    Dates: Six week sessions that run continuously year-round

    Registration Notes:

    • Registration and payment for this ET program are through the Elk Grove Park District.
    • CLICK HERE for session dates and pricing.
    • Registration may be over the phone or in person at The Pavilion Fitness or Aquatics customer service desks.  Online registration is not available.

    Questions? Contact ET

  • Masters Swimming Carol Stream – Nov 7 – Dec 28

    ET Masters is a weekly swimming program designed for triathlon and fitness swimmers. USA Certified coaching staff of Experience Triathlon will provide structured workouts and explain how to do the workouts and drills at each one-hour group session.


    Dates: November 7 – December 28, 2017

    Special Note for Thanksgiving Day:  No class on Thanksgiving.  Class will be held the following day (Nov 24) at 6am.


    • Tuesdays 6:00 – 7:00 A.M.
    • Thursdays 6:00 – 7:00 A.M.
  • Masters Swimming Naperville – Jan 8 – Mar 2

    ET Masters is a weekly adult swimming program designed for triathlon and fitness swimmers. USA certified coaches will provide structured workouts and stroke improvement tips at each one-hour group session.


    Dates:  January 8 – March 2, 2018


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  • Masters Swimming Naperville – October 30 – December 22

    ET Masters is a weekly adult swimming program designed for triathlon and fitness swimmers. USA certified coaches will provide structured workouts and stroke improvement tips at each one-hour group session.


    Dates:  October 30 – December 22, 2017


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    $152.00 $19.00
  • Swim 101 – Learn to Swim – Jan-Feb

    ET Swim 101 is the perfect class to bridge the gap between ET private swim lessons and ET Masters.


    ET Swim 101 provides adult learn-to-swim instruction and practice in a small class format. Participants will be introduced to lap swimming with the goal of eventually joining the ET Masters Swim program.


    • Develop proper kicking and breathing technique
    • Improve stroke efficiency
    • Learn and practice the common swim stroke improvement drills
    • Build endurance


    Whether you want to start a lap swimming program or to do a triathlon, ET Swim 101 can help you reach your goal.


    joe-loprestoThis program is coached by Joe LoPresto.  For over a decade, Coach Joe has helped hundreds of adults learn to swim and follow their dream of completing a triathlon.


    “Recently Fitness Magazine made a call for stories.  Their question… “Have you met a fitness person who changed your life?  We’re looking for women who met someone significant in their lives through a fitness activity or sport.”  This made me think about my first triathlon.  I wanted to do one, but could not swim.  A friend suggested I get a coach.  That’s when I found the amazing, Coach Joe LoPresto. I would not have been able to do this without his kind heart, patience, and coaching. The triathlon event was the scariest and most fun I’ve had.  I didn’t have anyone waiting at the end of the tri for me, but as I leaving, there was Coach Joe and his heart warming hugs.  With amazing people around you amazing things can happen.” – Angie D.


    CLICK HERE for more Coach Joe testimonials

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  • Treadmill Track – Dec 12 – Jan16

    Can’t wait for spring to get faster? Looking for a speed workout this winter? Afraid it’s too slick for the outdoor track?


    Give ET Treadmill Track a try!!


    ET Treadmill Track features interval training based on time, not distance, so anyone can participate at their own pace. The class is for anyone looking for an intense run workout to improve both speed and efficiency.


    Tuesdays 5:30-6:30 AM


    Tuesdays 6:30-7:30 PM


    “If you’re not doing Treadmill Track with Coach Bob, you’re missing out on a fantastic workout with one of the best coaches there is. My favorite workout of the week! #mylegsarejello #thanksbob #ETway” – Kate W.


    See details below!

    $78.00 $65.00
  • Tri 401- Advanced Tri Training Class – Winter 2018

    ET’s advanced tri training class will help you breakthrough to the next level.  This weekly seminar series is open to self-coached, intermediate and advanced level triathletes that are looking to PR current distance races or move up in distance to a half or full Ironman.  Each athlete will receive personal feedback to optimize performance levels.


    Advanced discussion and planning topics will include:

    • training science and workout development strategies
    • gear selection and fine tuning for more efficient training and racing.
    • improving transition speed
    • race pace planning and execution strategies
    • mental skills training
    • strength training for endurance athletes
    • metabolic testing
    • massage therapy for performance and injury prevention
    • nutrition planning/execution for race day
    • training with power on the bike
    • common pitfalls when moving up in distance or performance levels

    Athletes will also get a customized weekly online training plan (during the class weeks) that fits their goals, races and lifestyle along with personal coaching support from Coach Joe.  A great way to “test drive” ET Personal Coaching and see if it’s right for you!


    Class size limited to 8 athletes!


    Saturdays:  12:00-1:00pm
    January 13 – February 17, 2018


    joe-loprestoThis program is presented by Joe LoPresto.  For over a decade, Coach Joe has helped hundreds of athletes breakthrough to higher level performance and achieve their dreams of getting faster and/or going longer.  Joe is an Expert Level USAT coach and 5 time Ironman finisher.


    “Joe takes his passion, enthusiasm, and the love of triathlon and incorporates into his teaching. Whether you are the experienced triathlete looking to improve on times, or the novice beginner, whatever skill level, you will leave each training session inspired, confident, ready to take on any challenge. I’m hooked. Thanks Coach Joe!!” – Lynn B.


    “I would recommend the Advanced Triathlon Classes offered by Experience Triathlon. Coach Joe is a great listener, and it is obvious that he wants to help you to achieve your fitness/race goals. I love the fact that he will provide you with the training and guidance that is unique to you. The facilities, programs offered, classes, & professional support staff will give you all that you need to be successful. The staff as ET is committed to ensuring that you are respected, that your questions are answered, and that you feel fully supported as you continue to train. The classes are a great way to meet other triathletes, have thorough discussions about your training and racing, and learn all about what you can do in order to set and achieve future goals.” – Allison G.


    CLICK HERE for more Coach Joe testimonials


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