Is Your Training Optimized?

Is Your Training Optimized?

coach joe bio IMW 2013As a coach, I’m often approached by self coached athletes wanting to discuss their training, training plan and performance results.  Many times there are issues and concerns.  Things like injuries, lack of progress and even sliding backwards, frustration, confusion, anxiety, reduced motivation and a general lack of enjoyment with training and racing are very common.  Often the self coached athlete has spent hours every week searching the web, reading books, and talking to other athletes trying to “figure out” what’s wrong and what to do about it.  One of the difficulties in this approach is they are trying to be both an athlete and a coach.  These are two completely different jobs and skill sets.  Doing both can work for some athletes, and if you spend enough time searching and learning about how to be a coach, you can do a decent job of coaching yourself.  But even in this extreme case of the athlete that learns enough to self coach, the athlete cannot hold themselves accountable and they cannot see their own blind spots.  So, at the end of the day, they are just not likely to be optimized and often times do not become the athlete they are meant to be.

One of the many benefits of hiring a professional, USA certified coach as your trusted advisor and mentor is to gain access to their vast knowledge base and experience of working with hundreds of other athletes.  As a self coached athlete, you just can’t ever gain that kind of insight.  A coach has seen it all and they know how to quickly access the limitation and opportunity areas for an athlete.  They rapidly develop the right solution to fix an issue or move the athlete to the next level.  Bottom line, they optimize an athlete quickly.  This fast improvement sometimes seems like magic to the athlete new to coaching services, but to the coach it’s just another great example of how the coach-athlete model in sports has always worked.   It’s no mystery that every team and every athlete that played sports growing up always had a coach.  It just works better.  So why do so many athletes with super busy lifestyles take precious time away from their families, friends and careers to figure it all out themselves?

The best decision I ever made as an athlete was to hire my coach.  She optimized me quickly, moved my game up, made training fun, kept me from getting hurt and showed me the path to success in training, racing and life.  Of course I could design my own weekly training plans and do the workouts.  But I can’t hold myself accountable and I can’t see my own blind spots!  Thank you Coach, for all you’ve done.  I could not be the athlete (and person) I am today without your guidance!

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Here are a few words from some of our athletes on how being a coached athlete has helped.  You can read more of their comments on our Testimonials page and in our Athlete Stories section.

“…I went into that race with the confidence that I was fully prepared for the challenge ahead and knew if I stuck to the plan it would all work out, and it did, tenfold. I now know firsthand the difference between a coached athlete and a self coached athlete. The coached athlete trains with a sense of purpose and the understanding that if you lay the right ground work every reasonable goal is well within your reach.”  – Jim R.

“…I have been on a continuous journey to discover my physical and mental capabilities for endurance athletics. Having Coach Joe there is invaluable as a guide to training safely and productively. He also serves as a source of accountability that I need to stay on the path. We work together to develop yearly goals around which my training program is tailored. As a result of having a personal coach like Joe, I have been able to see improvement in my races from year to year. I am now more physically fit than I was as a teenager and I view life in a more positive way than ever before.”  – Jeff P.

“…Coach Suzy has been the most amazing coach for me, always willing to help me find my solution, and improve my performance while doing so. She has helped me remember that triathlon is FUN, and not just about the competition! She has helped me keep my head on straight, and gotten me through some frustrating periods, always keeping a positive and energetic spin on things. And she has encouraged me to be the very best I can be, celebrating alongside me when I’ve had those really cool “highs” that come after a good workout, or a good race. She is so much more than just a coach–she is a mentor, and a friend, and I can’t possibly thank her enough for the huge impact she has had in my life. I just love this sport, and I know without any shadow of a doubt that this is in large part to having Suzy as my coach! I love ya, Suzy!” – Sarah F.

“…I decided I was ready to take my fitness to the next level but wasn’t sure how. After years of working out with no real direction, I decided to give ET a try. Since working with Coach Joe, I have seen a huge improvement in my strength and endurance. Even more importantly, I have learned how to push myself harder than I had ever thought possible. The phrase “I didn’t know I had it in me” definitely applies here!” – Alicia R.

Joe LoPresto is the CEO, Head Coach and Race Director of Experience Triathlon.   As leaders in the endurance services industry, Coach Joe and the Experience Triathlon staff help athletes of all ages and abilities achieve success in training, racing and life.  Learn more about Coach Joe and Experience Triathlon at


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  • Anonymous

    Great article Coach Joe!! Having a coach takes the weight of worrying about doing the right thing off your shoulders and leaves me nothing to do but workout!! It has TOTALLY paid off!!

  • Annewhitcomb

    I have been coached, I have coached and I have been self-coached.  For those who can do it, hiring a coach is the best way to go.  Coaches keep you motivated, on track, off of the injured list and a good coaching service like ET keeps you in touch with other athletes.  There’s something positive to be said for being around like minded people with similar interests and goals to help keep you on track.  I am always impressed with the results from the ET group and the coaching staff!  Great job, ET.  Keep up the good work!

  • Jim Riga

    I think the most important aspect of hiring Coach Joe was as a busy professional I just didn’t have the time or knowledge to effectively coach myself. I wanted an expert on the case and I found that in Coach Joe and the ET coaches.

  • Sarah

    As a busy mom-of-3, one of the last things I have consistent time for, is figuring out my workouts for the week.   Yet I want to continually get better as an athlete.  Coach Suzy has made ALL the difference in my life, helping me accomplish that, and still have time for my family at the end of the day!  (In fact, she reminds me to do that, sometimes!!)   Having a Coach has kept me focused, grounded, motivated, and just as you said in your article, Coach Joe, it’s kept me accountable.  That is such a huge piece to moving forward as an athlete, and it’s literally priceless! 

  • Marge

    I need accountability, and working with Coach Joe gives me that, as well as all his knowledge.  Just finished an event and PRed.  Thanks Joe.