My First Half Marathon

My First Half Marathon

maggie at naperville half 2015by Maggie W.

On Sunday, November 8, 2015 I became a half marathoner at the Naperville Half Marathon AND I became an official team member of Experience Triathlon (ET).

I was excited to run my first half marathon because it was a new and challenging goal for me. I had never considered myself a runner, and yet I decided to train hard for this new goal. As a result, I knew I was going to have a great race. Besides, I was guaranteed to set a PR!

However, what I did not know that was going to help inspire me through the race was seeing the ET Cheer Crew and Coach Joe on the course cheering their athletes on. Every time I saw them (three times total in 13.1 miles!), I thought to myself how they would soon be cheering me on – especially because my first meeting with Coach Joe was that same afternoon! It was so reassuring to see the ET Cheer Crew and know that they support their athletes above and beyond.

Unfortunately, my husband and I did not have anyone out on the course cheering us on that day – but we had each other, and I knew I had my future team cheering me on.

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