Improve Your Cycling Performance

Improve Your Cycling Performance

Skill & technique oriented cycling clinic

– December 1, 2012 – Central Park Lisle

Where can we find more speed on the bike? Does it boil down to using a new aero wheelset or upgrading all components to carbon? Does it come from having better bike handling skills? Does it happen after a long winter season of indoor trainer riding? Does a more cycling-specific strength training regime give us the solution? Is there a specific pedal-stroke that can give us more speed?

In a short answer – Yes!

“I loved this clinic! The results showed right away. Great job, Coach Sarah. You have a unique and valuable clinic here.”

Each of these solutions has been proven to help cyclists find more speed, some more noticeably than others. Yet, our full potential can be lost in translation if our bodies and muscles don’t truly connect with our bikes. If our bike handling isn’t felt with total conviction, or if the purpose behind each part of the pedal stroke isn’t fully understood, our efficiency suffers.

So while each of these solutions provides a piece to the puzzle, solidifying our efficiency ends up being the most critical ingredient to helping us find—and maintain—our speed for the long haul.

This class will help athletes learn proper pedal stroke mechanics and bike handling skills, tying these directly into the specific muscle groups responsible for powering the pedals and core stabilization on the bike. Time will be spent both on and off the bike. Time on the bike will focus on pedal stroke efficiency through muscle mechanics and proper bike form. Time off the bike will address cycling-specific strength training exercises and recovery stretches.

“Thanks, Sarah, for all of your efforts and the time you put into this class! It was really helpful to me. I feel like I have a much better understanding of how I’m supposed to be using my muscles on the bike and how to strengthen and stretch off the bike to prevent injury and to stay strong for the bike leg of triathlons. Great job, I really appreciate your insight!”

A newly added feature of the class will be the hot topic of hill climbing. Our lack of significant hills in the local area doesn’t have to hold us back from knowing how to ride them effectively, efficiently, and confidently!

This clinic will be led by Sarah Wangerin, USAC Level III Cycling Coach. Sarah’s background in clinical massage therapy gives her a unique understanding of muscle mechanics on the bike, and how to specifically address those muscles off the bike. She also has a true appreciation (and enjoyment!) of hills, as her own cycling career began in the hilly terrain of the Appalachian foothills.

Experience a new approach to getting faster on the bike in this skill & technique oriented cycling clinic, and unleash your full potential!

Date: December 1, 2012

Time: 1:00 –3:30 p.m.

Location: LifeStart Central Park, Lisle

Class size: Limited to 6 athletes

Clinic Requirements: Your bike, bike trainer. If you don’t have a trainer, we might be able to loan you one!

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