ET Cheer Crew logistics for The Chicago Marathon – October 7, 2012

ET Cheer Crew logistics for The Chicago Marathon – October 7, 2012

Please join me and the world famous ET Cheer Crew as we yell and scream for our athletes and 40,000 of their new friends at one of the greatest races on the planet, The Chicago Marathon. It’s a day full of inspiration and fun as we watch thousands of dreams come true. It will make you want to get out there and run! 🙂

We usually park at the Grant Park underground public parking lots. There is plenty of space and it’s not too difficult to get to, although traffic is heavy on Congress once you get into the City. Plan an extra 15-20 minutes to get to the garage after you get off the Eisenhower. Here’s the web link for the parking facility.

Millennium Garages Grant Park North and South

There is a Starbucks at Jackson and Wabash, about 2 blocks from our Mile 2 viewing location if you need coffee/food prior to the race start. We often hang out here and socialize before the race. Big surprise, right? 🙂 Click here for the Starbucks location.

We will be standing right under the big, tall ‘Mile 2’ sign on the EAST side of State in our ET t-shirts. That will be on the runners “left” as they come south on State. Mile 2 is located on State Street, just north of Jackson.

If you’re running in the race, please move to the left curb and look for us as you approach mile 2! You’ll most likely see us at the markers before we see you. There are sooo many runners it’s almost impossible for us to find you in the mass of dri fit clothing coming down the street (unless you’re wearing the Eiffel Tower like the guy in the photo). When you see us, wave your arms, shout, jump up and down, maybe even stop and say hi! We promise to pump you up, cheer for you and maybe even get your picture. 🙂

The race starts at 7:30 am. We will be at the Mile 2 sign around 7:15 am to secure a standing spot right under the sign. The professional racers will come by mile 2 before 7:40 am. They are amazing to watch. Our runners will start passing Mile 2 around 7:50 am and will continue to stream by for the next 60 minutes or so. After we see them all, we’ll move to Mile 13.0 (not 13.1) on Adams near Canal Street. After we see them pass 13.0, we’ll have a quick lunch at the Union Station food court, then head to Mile 25.2 (The race sign probably says “1 mile to go“) to cheer them to the finish. Again, we will be on the “runner’s left” as they pass these mile markers.

Here’s a link to the race course map if you’d like to get a feel for the route. It’s pretty cool.

2012 Chicago Marathon Course Map

If you’re planning to join us or have any questions, please let us know. On race day, if you’re trying to find us, you can send Coach Joe a text message at 630-430-9006.


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