8 months and 8 days

8 months and 8 days

by Coach Suzy

It’s New Year’s day, and this is the year of my Ironman. This is my first entry in my blog about my journey going from “3 Mile Suzy” to Ironman Finisher. It is with great excitement and anticipation that I begin this journey.

“A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.” – Confucius

I took that single step in the spring of 2012 when two of my dear friends/fellow coaches (Jim and Chilly) and I registered to volunteer at Ironman Wisconsin 2012 on Saturday, the day before the race. That was perfect because we had race day free to support the athletes and take it all in. We also were given the opportunity to sign up for the 2013 race, which we all took advantage of. A couple other team members also registered to race in 2013. All of them are better athletes than I am, but that’s ok with me. I will enjoy training with them, and I know that we will support each other no matter what.

“Never compare your journey to someone else’s. Your journey is YOUR journey, not a competition.” -Author unknown

And so it begins, my love, my rock, my coach and biggest fan, Joe LoPresto. You’ve taught me well that the only limitations a person will ever have are the ones they put on themselves. I trust you implicitly, and in 8 months and 8 days, I intend to hear the words, “Suzy Cerra, YOU are an Ironman!” What an amazing and life changing year it’s going to be…  Let’s go climb Mount Ironman!

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Suzy Cerra is a USAT certified Triathlon Coach with Experience Triathlon.   As leaders in the endurance services industry, Coach Suzy and the Experience Triathlon staff help athletes of all ages and abilities achieve success in training, racing and life.  Learn more about Coach Suzy and Experience Triathlon at www.experiencetriathlon.com.


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  • Bill

    Go Suzy! I’ll be joining you, Jim and Chilly as a first timer to the big event. I agree we’ve got a great coach and you even have an extra month to prepare! 😉

    • Awesome, Bill…I look forward to training with you!!

  • Marge

    You go, girl!

  • Act as if, and Become. You are ready baby! Thanks for sharing your journey with us. 🙂

    • Thank YOU for making my journey possible!!

  • Cathy Obordo

    Hi Suzy! I can’t wait to share another special race with you….just like Racine!! It will be another “soul-sister” bonding moment for us!! :))

    • Can’t wait to share this experience with you, Cath…do you think you might actually SEE me on the course this time?! 😉

  • Sarah F

    Yay, Coach!!! I am SO proud & in-awe of you for traversing down this incredible path, and I’ll be cheering you on every step of the way!! YOU WILL ROCK IT OUT!!!

  • Nancy Haines

    Suzy, how exciting! Looking forward to hearing the outcome – and your progress along the way.

  • Laura C

    Coach Suzy, I can’t wait to see you cross that finish line in Madison! It’s going to be an amazing year for you!!

  • TanyaL11

    Coach Suzy, I am so excited for you! This is going to be an incredible year and I am looking forward to sharing all of the accomplishments that Team ET members experience. Thanks for continuing to inspire and motivate me!!

    • Thanks, T! Back at ya, Girl…you inspire and motivate SO many people every day too!!!!

  • Debbie

    Go Suzy Go! How exciting! You SO Got This!

  • Jim R

    I cant wait to share the entire experience and journey with you of IM Wisconsin that started even before we knew we were on it. Together we’ll get each other through the days ahead.

    • YES, we will, Jim…one day at a time! 😉

  • Natalie H

    You are an inspiration! Can’t wait to follow you on this journey and hear more.

  • Drew Repoza

    It’s going to be inspirational to watch you continue on your journey towards your first Ironman, Suzy. I look forward to cheering you on to the finish!

    • And I look forward to seeing your smiling face at the finish…thanks, Drew!!