A Personal Best at Grand Rapids Tri

A Personal Best at Grand Rapids Tri

by Bob H.

I was feeling bad about missing the ET Batavia Triathlon and Duathlon and helping my ET teammates run a great event. That was the only bad feeling about competing in Grand Rapids. I always enjoy racing in Grand Rapids. The environment always seems to bring out my best for that day.

Today was no exception. I was very relaxed before the event, although it was warm and heating up (like Galena). It never got THAT hot, only a high of 83 by the time I finished. The humidity was also lower and the run course had lots of shade, so that all helped make the run better.

The swim went VERY well! The water was about 71 degrees and I felt great from the start. With about 300 yards to go, I thought that I was really cruising along. Thanks to Coach Joe, Coach Sue and Coach Judie, I lowered my Olympic swim time by about 4 minutes to 29:29. I felt great getting out of the water.

On the bike, I wanted to make sure I did not go so hard that I could not run afterward. I had a PR bike (1:19:06 – Thanks, Coach Sarah!) and felt GREAT getting off the bike. Mission accomplished.

After a slow T2, I started strong on the run, looking for signs I was going to bonk. I kept telling myself to slow down, but kept getting faster (for a while). After a pit stop, I did slow down, but still was running well. I felt great until just after 5 miles but I picked up the effort level and finished strong in 52:46, not bad for the day!

Thanks to Coach Joe and his team of coaches for bringing me to a new Olympic Tri PR! Bring on Racine and Madison!!



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  • TanyaL11

    WooHoo Bob!!  What a great race you had! I’m sorry we weren’t there to cheer ET loud and proud!! Congrats on your PR!! You are really rocking this Tri season!!!

  • Sarah F.

    Hooray Bob!   I’m so excited & happy for you for having such an outstanding race &  well-deserved Olympic PR!  Thanks for letting us all be part of your jouney in getting there.  =)

  • JimR

    Way to go Bob…sssooo glad you got your PR and had a great experience to boot. Look forward to reading about your continued success on this journey we call triathlon. 

  • Laura C

    Congrats, Bob–all of your hard work and the great coaching paid off! Keep it up:)

  • Marge

    Since you were not in Batavia, I’ll give you a BIG Whoo-ah here.  Congrats on a GREAT Tri!

  • Bob – it’s great to read about your real race experience – it’s awesome to find that balance between a strong bike ride and having legs to run.  YOU ROCKED IT! wish we could have been there to cheer YOU on!

  • Congrats, Bob!!  Great job on the race and PR.  So glad all is going well.  Next stop, Racine!!! 🙂

  • Cathy Obordo

    Congrats Bob!!  I’m so happy for you and glad that you had a great race!!  Keep up your awesome training for Racine and Madison! 🙂

  • Drew Repoza

    Congrats on the PR!  Looks like all of that training in warmer weather is paying off for you.  Good job, and good luck in Racine and Madison!

  • Isn’t it awesome when everything falls into place on race day?!  Great job, Bob ~ congrats!  Can’t wait to cheer you on in Racine and Madison!!!