The Value of Indoor Triathlon Competition During the Offseason

The Value of Indoor Triathlon Competition During the Offseason

by Coach Christa

Have yet to give an indoor tri a try? The winter months are a wonderful time to participate in an indoor triathlon! If you are an experienced triathlete, signing up for an indoor triathlon is great motivation to get your training re-engaged if you have yet to do so from the previous outdoor tri season. If you’ve continued training after the previous outdoor season, it is a beneficial event to gauge your current base fitness and help adjust your goals throughout the winter months. The indoor triathlon format typically presents a different challenge than an outdoor triathlon as it tests athletes’ speed and power and is less endurance-focused.

If you are looking to do your first triathlon, an indoor triathlon is a perfect environment to try out a swim, bike, run race in a less intimidating environment (aka – no open water swimming! : ) You control your own pacing in each segment, so the difficulty of the race depends on the effort you put in.

Looking for an indoor tri to try?! Look no further! Experience Triathlon hosts an Indoor Triathlon Series with events taking place in January, February, and March. Come out and test or hone your triathlon skills and have FUN while doing so!

For more information on our 2024 Indoor Tri Series, click HERE.

Christa Krause is a Swim and Triathlon Coach with Experience Triathlon. As leaders in the endurance services industry, Coach Christa and the Experience Triathlon team help athletes of all ages and abilities achieve success in training, racing and life. Learn more about Coach Christa and Experience Triathlon at

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