Cold Weather Food for Athletes

Cold Weather Food for Athletes

As the weather turns cold, it’s great to have some on-hand foods ready to warm up and refuel with! Check out these tasty options!

These snacks should definitely be kept cold because they’re already cooked or prepared. Some of them are also easy to spill or need to be warmed up before consuming. Remember your utensils when using these foods to fuel for triumph.

Carbohydrate Options:

  • Frozen vegetables with or without a sauce or flavoring that require a microwave (broccoli with cheese sauce, for instance)
  • Frozen, pre-cooked rice and pasta that can be microwaved (can make or buy at Trader Joe’s, Whole Foods)
  • Potatoes Regular or Sweet, pre-cooked
  • Vegetables cut vegetables, grilled or roasted

Protein Options: There are a lot of great protein sources that are very easy to make and store that would help with recovery and muscle growth. Protein also helps ease hunger and improve satiety for several hours.

  • A package of 4 oz, pre-portioned size of any of the following: boneless, skinless chicken breasts, grilled or roasted, or pork chops, or small steaks, or fish fillets/sticks
  • Tuna or chicken, canned, that can be added to grilled veggies, pasta or a sandwich, either cold or hot
  • Canned soup for rainy, cold, or snowy days!  This one also helps with rehydration because of the fluid and sodium.


laurie bio photo Laurie Schubert is the Team Dietitian at Experience Triathlon.  She specializes in working with clients to meet nutritional needs and goals within the boundaries of food preferences, cooking ability, medical limitations, and budget.  She has a particular interest in sports nutrition, but gets personal satisfaction from encouraging people in weight loss, finding the right meal plan for a diabetic, and watching young children learn to enjoy a variety of foods.

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