This is why I run

This is why I run

by Jillmarie D.

Wrestling with restlessness

I open the door to my therapy

The road and the rhythm of my running shoes.

The sound of my heart’s constant beat and my breath

I run.

I run for me

I run from everything else

I run until my mind clears and my thoughts return

I run to remember

I run to forget

I run to forgive and rebuild

I run to feel free

I run to resonate with my soul’s clarity

I run for peace and peace of mind

The sweat from my pores clears away all remnants of worry, regret, disappointment and useless self pity… I leave it behind me.

I run.

I run till I break down my body and I heal up my soul.

I run to hear my own heartbeat resonate with Mother Earth beneath my feet, giving me her strength in each stride.

I follow the sun and I breathe in the life force of the universe. The trees whisper wisdom and the wind urges me, “GOoooooooo”

Clarity, Peace, Joyous Gratitude greet me in the last mile

I have left everything else behind me… somewhere along the side of the road.

All that is left

is me.

I am here.

My aching muscles and my pounding heart

The strength of my lungs

The clarity of my thoughts

The peace of my soul

The goodness of my spirit

The reminder that THIS IS WHY

I run.


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