I Can Swim!

I Can Swim!

by Lynn B.

I can’t believe it has been a year since my very first triathlon.  Last March, after going through a divorce, I needed some goals and direction in my life.  Being a former athlete and since many of my patients (I oversee 3 physical therapy clinics) were competing in this small triathlon in Naperville, I decided to take the plunge and try a triathlon.  Never mind the fact that I could hardly swim out of my turtle pool.  After training (yeah, right) for several months and floundering, I decided to sign up for a triathlon class at LTF-Romeoville.  Unfortunately, the class was canceled due to low turnout.  However, divine intervention occurred and I met Coach Joe.  He invited me to see what triathlons were all about, did a few private swim lessons, and reassured me that I would be able to finish the race in June.  For the 3 weeks of training with Joe prior to the race, never once did he imply that I couldn’t do this (even though I couldn’t swim, only side stroke).  He gave me confidence every day.


So, come race day, I was pretty calm up until I approached the beach and almost puked!!  Again, Joe was right there, saying, “You can do this.  Enjoy the moment.”  There I was, participating in my first organized race EVER, doing a half-mile swim as side stroke.  It was only two weeks ago that Coach Patty told me, “Girl, you had amazing guts for swimming your first tri doing side stroke.”  Ignorance really is bliss!!  Or I just fell off the bike and suffered MTBI (mild traumatic brain injury!).  Patty, thank you for sharing those words a year later!!

During this past year, I have been working incessantly with Coach Joe learning how to swim and getting confidence in the water.  I am proud to say that I just completed the 2007 Women’s Subaru swim doing freestyle!!!  I had some moments early on where I got jostled and panicked a little bit, but quickly regained composure and off I went.

I can’t tell you what this past year and training with Coach Joe has meant to me.  I have never encountered an individual with more passion and commitment to his clients than Coach Joe.  “Experience Triathlon” could not be a more fitting name for his vision.  Joe just doesn’t talk it, he lives it!!

I hope this inspires anyone who thinks they can’t do a triathlon because they can’t swim, or bike, or run.  The ET team is there to train and encourage you so you truly can “Experience Triathlons.”  Thanks, Coach Joe…we did it!!!

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