The Winding Road to Ironman Racine

The Winding Road to Ironman Racine

by Glenn S.

What a great feeling to have completed Ironman 70.3 Racine, my first half Ironman.  For such a long time the big race seemed so far away.  Now it’s a memory and a feeling of accomplishment.

While I had some real anxiety before the race, once the race started I was focused and enjoying the experience.  This whole journey was a great lesson in balance, self discipline and flexibility.  Flexibility is the term I can relate to the most over the past five weeks or so.  For over a year, my wife Jenny and I had planned a 4-week vacation in June, travelling south along the East Coast and visiting many beaches and towns.  Jenny was a good sport in supporting the training I planned to do while on vacation.

I had no idea how difficult it would be to complete the last few weeks of training while travelling.  It was not always easy to find reasonably safe bike routes for 3+ hour rides (we are clearly spoiled with all the rural roads in the Midwest) as well as getting in swim training, mainly in the Atlantic and available local pools.  I usually found a way to get in the prescribed training for the day prior to getting in other more leisurely vacation-like activities.

There were many memorable experiences during the training sessions.  I repaired a flat tire surrounded by large iguanas in Key West, was pummeled by large waves while a storm was coming in off the shore in Jacksonville and I swear something bit me while swimming in the Gulf.

Most likely due to the change in training routines and additional vacation activities, I ended up straining a hamstring and having some major back pain for a couple weeks as well.  The key was staying flexible with my training expectations.

As race day approached, I felt good again and ready for the race.  A special thanks to Coach Joe for the swim coaching, injury treatment tips and adapting the training plan to my schedule and challenges.  I couldn’t have exceeded my expectations without your help and words of wisdom.

As for taking long vacations while training, I don’t recommend it.

Click here to see the Racine photo set

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  • Congrats Glenn on your amazing journey and great day at Racine!  You looked super strong out there on the run.  Thanks for sharing your story and being part of Team ET!!

  • Jim R

    Glenn thanks for sharing your story, sounds like you had some growth experiences on the journey to Racine 70.3 as well as some great memories. Thanks also for the encouragement on the run, you’re a class guy. Congrats on a fantastic race!!! 

  • Drew Repoza

    Wow, I can identify with training while traveling – it’s tough!  Congratulations on an excellent performance!

  • Cathy Obordo

    Nice job, Glenn!  Way to beat the heat at Racine and Congrats on getting to that finish line.  I know it was a tough day.  I would love to hear more about your tire changing experience with iguanas….sounds like a fun story to hear!  🙂

  • Alyse

    Wow, that’s a lot of committment!

  • Sarah Farsalas

    Congrats on finding a way to stick to your training plan while traveling, Glenn–that’s a true testament to your mental toughness, for sure!! And just think, now you will know what to do if you ever encounter an iguana on a race!! ;). Congrats on your Half Ironman finish!!