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The sport of triathlon attracts athletes of all types of backgrounds, and with these unique stories, come different challenges. Andrew Wells, a Naperville resident, faced a daunting obstacle for his first Naperville Triathlon last year: learning how to swim.

“I really had to push myself and get into a regular swimming routine in order to get my swim to a point where I can even swim 750 meters,” said Wells.

People with running upbringings like Wells often have to shift their training drastically to help accommodate every aspect of the race.

“Just trying to fit in all three of the sports is probably one of the biggest challenges, making sure you have time to swim, bike, and run,” said Christina Savoie, a triathlon participant.

“You can win or lose the race in any part of it,” said Tyler Hansler, another racer. “So it’s just really important to have a good base for every single leg of the race.”

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Darryl racine run finishby Darryl T.

Racine was a stop on the map heading towards Ironman Wisconsin. Leading up to the race a vast amount of training and discussions took place to build a solid foundation to meet the physical and mental challenge endurance races pose. With a support system of coaching, training partners, and family the hard work was about to pay off. Heading into Ironman Racine 70.3, I had a slight advantage in the event that is either despised by current triathletes or keeps athletes from engaging in this wonderful sport, the swim.

However, let’s back up to prior to me starting this journey. After college, I wanted nothing to do with swimming. I was water logged and tired. The sport had burned me out. I left swimming and established a 50 lbs weight gain complemented by massive headaches. It took a doctor to tell me, “You’re a former Division I athlete and you let yourself go. What did you expect to happen?

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Ironman Racine 2014 18by Laurie P.

I was an athlete as a kid, the youngest of six in a Midwestern family. Our Dad, a baseball player in his earlier days, took great pleasure in teaching how a batter could make a bunted ball difficult to handle, and how a catcher should block the plate or interfere with a batter without getting tossed from the game. My interest in basketball dwindled about the time my brother grew about a foot in one year and I didn’t. We grew up playing countless sports at our rural home outside of Baraboo, Wisconsin, and had to take turns on pretending to be Bart Starr. I was an athlete as a teenager, and how I loved volleyball. Best game ever. I was never the best at anything, but I had a knack for most physical things and was pretty good at whatever I was interested in.

I joined the Army after a couple years in college, seeking direction. When I wanted to, I could max the Army’s PT test of timed sit-ups, push-ups, and a two mile run. Eight minute miles were an “if I felt like it” thing.

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Pleasant Prairie Triathlon 2012 swim start

Think back to one of your best races…what made it such a rewarding, successful experience? I’m guessing you will say something like…”it just flowed” or “it all came together”. What if you could learn to create this experience again and again? With effective training in mental skills athletes can achieve the relaxed, confident, focused and in control feeling that allow them to compete in this optimal state of mind.

Mental toughness, known as the ability to compete in the “zone” is a learned state of mind. It is a skill that can be acquired through practice and discipline and built over time, just as physical skills are developed and strengthened over time. Each workout and race provides an opportunity to put mental toughness into practice.

A great way to get started working on developing mental skills is to come in for an assessment that will provide you with an opportunity to learn about your areas of strength and weakness across nine components of mental skills development. The assessment along with a one-on-one interview will provide a working blueprint for the areas of mental skills that will require further development to effectively enhance your performance and help you achieve success.

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Announcing a Team dinner opportunity for the night before Racine!

Racine Ironman 2013 dinner

Here are the details:

Who:  Whoever would like to join us…all are welcome!

What:  Racine pre-race ET Team dinner!

Where: Noodles & Company, 5720 Washington Ave. Racine, WI 53406

When:  Saturday, July 19, 2014 at 5:00 PM

Why:  To share some camaraderie and get in the race zone for Racine!

How:  Just show up…no need to RSVP! :-)

Questions?  Contact Coach Suzy

We hope you can join us!


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