laurie and alyse at et lake zurich triathlonby Laurie S.

Everybody’s seen the small group of people hanging out in the corner of transition, lounging against the fence and watching the racers struggle by while they have not a care in the world. What are they doing and why are they there? Those people are enjoying the experience of a relay triathlon. Relay triathlon teams have either two or three people. In a two person team, one person takes two legs and the second person takes the third, in any combination. In a three person team, all racers get one leg. Being part of a relay triathlon team is the most fun you can have at a triathlon. You get to be part of the spectacle for a quarter of the stress and hang out with your friends at the same time. You get a built in cheer crew and people to celebrate with after the race. Why would you NOT do a relay?? To have the best experience possible, here are a few things to keep in mind when planning a triathlon relay team.

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ET Tri Club wins 1st place in the IRONMAN TriClub Division II competition at Racine 70.3! HUGE congrats to all of our Racine athletes on bringing home the big win! Go Team ET!

Big THANKS to the world famous ET Cheer Crew for the amazing support.

ET Tri Club is sponsored and supported by our good friends at Spokes Wheaton.  Thank you Spokes for all you do!!


Enjoy all the fabulous moments of our great day in Racine on the ET Photo Gallery! Thank you Larry, Laurie and Coach Joe for capturing the memories!!

Just a friendly reminder to always select Experience Triathlon as your Club when registering for any 70.3 or 140.6 Ironman event. Points are awarded for participation and for your performance within your age group.

amy and suzy at et lake zurich triathlonby Amy H.

How can two races just three weeks apart have such different results? The races were both Olympic distance triathlons, Pleasant Prairie and ET Lake Zurich. The bike course for Pleasant Prairie is a little longer at 27 miles instead of 24.5 for ET Lake Zurich and the run at ET Lake Zurich is slightly more hilly with a couple of rollers, so in essence very similar races to train for.

After completing Pleasant Prairie the only things good I can say about my race that day were that I had a very straight swim, I was feeling really good in T1 and I finished. Not wanting to dwell on the negative, let’s just say that I knew about a mile into the run at Pleasant Prairie it was going to be rough and I would be walking just to finish. There are lots of demons that creep up on you when you are having a bad race day, things like:
“Why am I even here? Who am I kidding, I can’t do this! I am NEVER doing this again!”

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naperville triathlon mount line vol with sue

The ET Naperville Sprint Triathlon is coming on Sunday August 2, 2015 and we need help!

Volunteer positions are available on the Transition Team.

If you can help, please complete the form below.  We’ll be in touch a few days before the race to provide additional details related to volunteering.

ET Naperville Logo 2015

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the making of et bataviaWe LOVE to produce multisport events! As a coaching services company, it’s one of the ways we “pay it forward” and share our passion for the lifestyle we are blessed to have. It’s also our way of meeting new friends and inviting them to come play with us in the amazing Experience Triathlon sand box. :-)

Another “feel good” with event management is giving back to local communities. As one example, ET Batavia has always been a charity oriented event. Thanks to the very generous event sponsors like Experience Triathlon, Northwestern Medicine, Geneva Running Outfitters, Spokes Wheaton, Element Multisport and many other sponsors, we have donated more than $250,000 to local and national charities over the last decade!

Each year our highly skilled and dedicated team helps in delivering some of Chicagoland’s premier events like ET Batavia Tri/Du, ET Lake Zurich Triathlon, ET Naperville Sprint Triathlon, and the long standing ET Indoor Triathlon series. We just could not run these events without the amazing volunteer teams, city support staffs such as police, fire, and EMS, and local park districts. Our strategic partnerships with first class event management companies like E3 Events, Premier Event Management, Champion Chip 24/7 and 3-2-1goEvents! ensure that we deliver the best experience for all race participants and cheer crews.

Check out this short video for a behind the scenes view on The Making of ET Batavia!

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