Happy Holidays from Experience Triathlon!  December 22 – January 2

Looking for a way to improve your swim? Have you been thinking about joining a Masters swim group?

Experience Triathlon is providing a TWO free weeks of Masters swimming at our Naperville location. No R.S.V.P. needed. Just pick any day/time and come to the pool deck. Swim as many days as you’d like!

All ability levels welcome!

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ET masters swim classStarts January 5.  Registration is open!

ET Masters is a weekly adult swimming program designed for triathlon and fitness swimmers. USA certified coaches will provide structured workouts and explain how to do the workouts and drills at each one-hour group session.

ET Masters uses a classic periodized training model to progress swimmers from Base period (General Prep) to Build period (Sports Specific) to Peak Race (Pre-Competitive). Research has shown that athletes following a periodized training model are better optimized for race events.

New this year at ET Masters Naperville will be the inclusion of baseline and periodic time-trial testing. Athletes will receive objective test results to validate improved performance levels over the off season.

Join us from December 22 – January 2 for two FREE weeks of ET Masters in Naperville. Click here for details.

Pre-requisite swim level: Swimmers should be able to complete at least 1000 yards total of non-continuous freestyle swimming at any speed level over the 60 minute class session.

Please note that Masters swimming is a group workout session, not swim lessons. If you’re interested in private swim lessons, please Contact Us with your request.

“I just signed up for my first full session of Masters Swimming. I am so grateful to all of the coaches for working with me to bring my swimming to the next level. Coach Darryl, Coach Suzy and Coach Cathy are all amazing, and I can’t forget Coach Joe, who told me I am now a swimmer. Having just learned to swim, I was so happy that all of the time and effort I had put into learning how to swim paid off.” – Sharon K.

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treadmill track pic Starts January 6

Can’t wait for spring to get faster? Looking for a speed workout this winter? Afraid it’s too slick for the outdoor track?

Give ET Treadmill Track a try!!

These time-based, one hour workouts will help you keep your hard-earned speed over the winter months and keep you safe from the hazards of outdoor interval running during the winter.

ET Treadmill Track features interval training based on time, not distance, so anyone can participate at their own pace.  The class is for anyone looking for an intense run workout to improve both speed and efficiency.   ET Treadmill Track will also be a nice segue into the outdoor ET Group Track program starting April 2015.

ET Treadmill Track is led by ET’s running expert, Coach Bob Hammond.

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piriformis_sciatic_yoga_anatomyBy Steven E. Mayer, MD and Sarah Farsalas, LMT

As part of our ongoing mission at Experience Triathlon to enhance your athletic journey through educational articles, ET Team Physician and Sports Medicine Specialist Steven E. Mayer and Clinical Massage Therapist and USAT/USAC certified coach Sarah Farsalas have paired together to try a new approach that blends together Steven’s medical/science knowledge and Sarah’s practical daily use knowledge regarding many common athletic nuisances for YOU—our athletes and reading audience.

Please – we need YOUR help! If you have a particular topic you would like to see us cover in future articles, please post up a comment at the end of this article. Undoubtedly there will be common topics that surface, and we will do our best to cover those over the course of time.

For this article on Piriformis Syndrome, Steven’s portion of the article (Part 1) will focus on the science and medical rationale/approach for Piriformis Syndrome, along with common medical treatments for this frustrating issue.

Sarah’s portion of the article (Part 2) will focus on the changes athletes can make within their own training routine to help prevent or alleviate symptoms when possible.

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Cycling-101-classJanuary 4 – Registration now open!

Cycling can be as basic as simply pushing your pedals down to move your bike forward, but what if you could use your body and core to efficiently propel your bike forward? What if you could efficiently pedal with the hips and legs so that every pedal stroke became purposeful? What if the pedal stroke was broken down so that every portion of the stroke made the bike move quicker, enabling the cyclist to become more efficient and more powerful?

This unique, interactive class approaches cycling in a revolutionary way, as both new and experienced athletes are taught precisely HOW to make the most of their pedal stroke. It starts at the absolute basics, going over the small details that are often overlooked and taken for granted. Examining those small details will help the participants become the most efficient cyclist they can be.

This course is taught by USA Cycling Coach Sarah Farsalas and will consist of the topics shown below. Because the class size is kept small, there will be room to adapt the content to the individual participants.

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