March 30 thru April 17

We are excited to announce a 3 week extension to our very popular ET Computrainer program. 

The extension classes will only be held on weekdays and will be available on a class-by-class registration basis.  Each class day/time will be a drop-in like price of only $18.00.  Athletes can register for as many classes as they would like.  The classes are available on a first-come, first-serve basis and there are no reserved spots unless you select and pay for the class via the below drop-down menus.  All payment must be made at least 24 hours prior to the class day/time selected.

These classes will be “course rides” instead of our off-season interval based workouts.  This will prepare riders for our upcoming outdoor group ride season!

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Brooks-Jackets-bothWe are excited to announce our new custom embroidered ET running jackets. These lightweight, breathable Brooks Essential jackets are perfect for running and the Run Club coffee socials, or just hanging out with the ET crew in transition on race mornings.

The ET logo will be stitched on the front and also on the back just under the collar line. You also have the option to place you name on the jacket under the front logo.

Jackets will come in two colors: Lime green for men and pink for women.

The jackets are in high demand across the country right now. We are going to place a large group order on April 6 to ensure we don’t miss out on popular sizes.

If you’d like to try on a jacket for sizing, we will have them at the follow ET activities:

  • Run Club – Saturday 3/28
  • Indoor Tri – Sunday 3/29
  • Masters Naperville – Monday 3/30
  • Masters Naperville – Tuesday 3/31
  • Masters Naperville – Thursday 4/2 (PM only)
  • Run Club – Saturday 4/4

Pricing for the jackets will be $105 without your name or $110 with your name.

Orders can be placed on the ET Store starting Monday, 3/30.


PTT article pictureby Dr Steven E. Mayer

Like many of the previously discussed overuse injuries, the posterior tibial tendon can cause pain and disability with training errors as well as secondary to incorrect footwear. The posterior tibial tendon is the extension of tibialis posterior muscle. The tendon runs on the inside (medial) aspect of the ankle and attaches to the bottom of the foot. The muscle attaches to the long bones between your knee and ankle. This muscle and tendon unit act to turn the foot inward and it plays an important role in maintaining and supporting the natural arch of the foot. This tendon can become inflamed or torn, and will sometimes result in a flatfoot deformity.

Athletes with posterior tibial tendon pain typically present with pain on the inside of the foot and/or ankle. It can often be confused with other common diagnosis such as plantar fasciitis. Your sports medicine physician can usually diagnosis this issue on examination and radiographic studies such as x-ray and MRI are rarely needed. Athletes will usually have tenderness along the tendon and reproduction of the pain with strength testing of the tibialis posterior muscle.

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ET Naperville Logo 2015


Premier Event Management the owners and producers of the Naperville Sprint Triathlon are proud to announce that Experience Triathlon and its principal owner Joe LoPresto have joined us as our new Title Sponsor for the 2015 event. “We cannot be more excited to partner with Joe LoPresto and his team of coaches and athletes at Experience Triathlon. The coaching at Experience Triathlon is second to none and can get you the novice or experienced athlete to whatever finish line you choose,” stated race director and owner Bill Burke.

For decades, The Naperville Sprint Triathlon has provided the perfect venue for athletes of all ability levels to experience the sport of triathlon. The race takes place at Centennial Beach in Naperville, located just 30 miles from downtown Chicago. The 400 meter swim will be held at Centennial Beach, and the bike and run course will take athletes through some of the most beautiful scenery in the Naperville area.

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Coach Cathyby Coach Cathy

It is all about the muscle! I am referring to strength training. There are many benefits of strength training that we are aware of and some we are not. For example, we reap the rewards of strength training with increased muscle mass and strength, as we already know, but we also benefit as we age with a reduced risk of osteoporosis. Ideally, these benefits will help motivate you to incorporate strength training into your weekly workout routine so you may immediately enjoy the benefits today and for years to come.

Did you know? Strength training may provide “up to a 15% increase in metabolic rate.” (Physical Activity, 2011) This is a huge benefit since it means you are increasing the amount of calorie burn even while you are inactive, such as sitting or sleeping. This is because muscle consumes a lot more calories than fat and the effects of strength training may even increase metabolism up to 48 hours after the workout; whereas in a cardio workout the effects may only last 30 to 60 minutes afterwards (Smith, 2013). Also, according to a study in The Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research, women, for example, burned about 100 more calories the day after an hour of strength training compared to when they did not strength train at all. (Healthline, 2013). Additionally, when you combine strength training with a cardiovascular workout, you may increase your calorie burn even further, which may help with weight loss as well as to help maintain a healthy weight.

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