Starts March 9.  Registration is open!

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ET Masters is a weekly adult swimming program designed for triathlon and fitness swimmers. USA certified coaches will provide structured workouts and explain how to do the workouts and drills at each one-hour group session.

ET Masters uses a classic periodized training model to progress swimmers from Base period (General Prep) to Build period (Sports Specific) to Peak Race (Pre-Competitive). Research has shown that athletes following a periodized training model are better optimized for race events.

New this year at ET Masters Naperville will be the inclusion of baseline and periodic time-trial testing. Athletes will receive objective test results to validate improved performance levels over the off season.

“Almost all of our swimmers saw decreases in their 50m times with an average drop of 2 seconds and the most drastic drop of 6 seconds. All swimmers decreased their 75m, 100m, and 200m times by an average of 9 seconds, 6, seconds, and 9 seconds, respectively.” – Coach Darryl Tyndorf

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“Our ET Masters program has seen triathlete times decrease in short distance events, which are the hardest to decrease, with a minimum of 1 second and a maximum of 5 seconds.”Coach Darryl Tyndorf

pool at Central Park with new paint and water

Looking for a way to improve your swim? Have you been thinking about joining a Masters swim group?

Experience Triathlon is providing a free week of Masters swimming at our Naperville location. No R.S.V.P. needed. Just pick any day/time and come to the pool deck. Swim as many days as you’d like!

All ability levels welcome!

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Carol Stream MastersStarts March 3.  Registration is open!

ET Masters is a weekly swimming program designed for triathlon and fitness swimmers. USA Certified coaching staff of Experience Triathlon will provide structured workouts and stroke improvement instruction at each one-hour group session. Session focus will be on stroke refinement, building endurance and improving speed.

The 25 yard, IHSA regulation size pool in the new Fountain View Recreation Center is the perfect place to build your swim fitness and improve your stroke mechanics.

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By Steven E. Mayer, MD and Sarah Farsalas, LMT

shin splints photoIt is very easy to sign up for a race, and in that excitement, get too aggressive with your training. Training too fast or too long is the single most common reason for most overuse injuries. One of the many overuse injuries in the running population is called medial tibial stress syndrome, or more commonly, shin splints. Shin splints account for up to 13% of all running injuries (1). Shin splints develop when the forces of your lower leg muscles that attach to your tibia bone are stressed beyond what they can tolerate (2). When runners come into clinic with this type of pain we almost always get a history of one of the following changes: picked up running after a long period being off, going out at a much higher pace than usual, jumped up the weekly mileage dramatically, changed from path to street (or street to concrete), been using worn out old running shoes, or did major new hill work (2). Hopefully you can see that this injury is almost always preventable! Symptoms typically are described as a recurrent dull ache or sharp persistent pain, and many feel they can run through it as it may subside after the initial warm up (3). About 50% of time the pain is bilateral (3).

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ET Computrainer bike training wheaton

Cycling 201 is designed to take the basic fundamental pedal stroke skills learned in Cycling 101, and put them to work in a simulated race intensity situation.

The class will take place in our private CompuTrainer studio in Wheaton where participants will ride 60 minutes at various intensities, while purposefully engaging all the various muscle groups and actions taught in Cycling 101.

This course is taught by USA Cycling Coach Sarah Farsalas.

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