Learn to Swim Class

ET Swim 101 is a new concept class that bridges the gap between ET private swim lessons and ET Masters.

ET Swim 101 provides adult learn-to-swim instruction and practice in a small class format. Participants will be introduced to lap swimming with the goal of eventually joining the ET Masters Swim program.

ET Swim 101 program goals include the following:

  • Develop proper kicking and breathing technique
  • Improve stroke efficiency
  • Build endurance

Whether you want to start a lap swimming program or to do a triathlon, ET Swim 101 can help you reach your goal.

Participants should be able to swim one length of the pool without stopping. If you can’t, please consider a private swim lesson with us!

Maximum class size is 8 people.

Date: December 12 – January 16 (6 weeks)

Time: Saturdays from 11:15 AM – 12:15 PM

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treadmill track picStart Any Week!

Can’t wait for spring to get faster? Looking for a speed workout this winter? Afraid it’s too slick for the outdoor track?

Give ET Treadmill Track a try!!

These time-based, one hour workouts will help you keep your hard-earned speed over the winter months and keep you safe from the hazards of outdoor interval running during the winter.

ET Treadmill Track features interval training based on time, not distance, so anyone can participate at their own pace. The class is for anyone looking for an intense run workout to improve both speed and efficiency. ET Treadmill Track will also be a nice segue into the outdoor ET Group Track program starting in the spring.

ET Treadmill Track is led by ET’s running expert, Coach Bob Hammond.

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“The secret to feeling comfortable and confident in the water is to develop a flat, horizontal body position so as to produce the least amount of drag, and much of that body position comes from a strong, efficient kick.” – from Kick Your Way to More Efficient Triathlon Swimming by Coach Sue Astra.

Get in-depth swim technique analysis and instruction through the ET Swim Clinic Series! All clinics are designed around areas of common swim technique issues and utilize individual underwater videotaping and analysis.

ET Swim Clinics are small format classes with both group instruction and individual analysis to improve swim form and efficiency. Each athlete will receive a follow-up video analysis addressing specific technique issues and drills to address those issues.

ET Triathlon Training Centers utilize the most advanced underwater video technology in the setting that best replicates triathlon swimming in a lake without moving current.

The ET Swim Clinics Series:

ET Swim 201 – Catch/Pull/Recovery
ET Swim 202 – Kicking
ET Swim 203 – Breathing and Body Position

Here are some of the testimonials from ET Swim Clinic Series participants:

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aaron at naperville marathon 2015by Aaron A.

When I signed up for my first marathon six years ago, I figured I would start with just doing one and see how it goes. After finishing that one I said I would run the marathon five times. The logic was simple. The 5th marathon would be when I turned 40 and what a better way to celebrate than with five marathons under your belt. (Well … that and beer. :-) )

Going into each marathon, Coach Joe always told me that there is just one goal. “To finish. Unless they are physically putting you into the ambulance you keep going.” To this day I tell myself that at the start of every race, no matter what the distance, but deep down I really wanted to run a sub 4 hour marathon. After the first three marathons of 4:30, 4:48 and 4:30 again, that 4 hour mark seemed impossible to get to and the wall keep hitting me at mile 20.

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maggie at naperville half 2015by Maggie W.

On Sunday, November 8, 2015 I became a half marathoner at the Naperville Half Marathon AND I became an official team member of Experience Triathlon (ET).

I was excited to run my first half marathon because it was a new and challenging goal for me. I had never considered myself a runner, and yet I decided to train hard for this new goal. As a result, I knew I was going to have a great race. Besides, I was guaranteed to set a PR!

However, what I did not know that was going to help inspire me through the race was seeing the ET Cheer Crew and Coach Joe on the course cheering their athletes on. Every time I saw them (three times total in 13.1 miles!), I thought to myself how they would soon be cheering me on – especially because my first meeting with Coach Joe was that same afternoon! It was so reassuring to see the ET Cheer Crew and know that they support their athletes above and beyond.

Unfortunately, my husband and I did not have anyone out on the course cheering us on that day – but we had each other, and I knew I had my future team cheering me on.

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