ET Swim 201 drill demo

Get in-depth swim technique analysis and instruction through the ET Swim Clinic Series! All clinics are designed around areas of common swim technique issues and utilize individual underwater videotaping and analysis.

ET Swim Clinics are small format classes with both group instruction and individual analysis to improve swim form and efficiency. Each athlete will receive a follow-up video analysis addressing specific technique issues and drills to address those issues.

ET Triathlon Training Centers utilized the most advanced underwater video technology in the setting that most replicates triathlon swimming in a lake without moving current.

The ET Swim Clinics Series:

ET Swim 201 – Catch/Pull/Recovery
ET Swim 202 – Kicking
ET Swim 203 – Breathing and Body Position

Here are some of the testimonials from clinics:

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Learn to Swim Class

ET Swim 101 is a new concept class that bridges the gap between ET private swim lessons and ET Masters.

ET Swim 101 provides adult learn-to-swim instruction and practice in a small class format. Participants will be introduced to lap swimming with the goal of eventually joining the ET Masters Swim program.

ET Swim 101 program goals include the following:

  • Develop proper kicking and breathing technique
  • Improve stroke efficiency
  • Build endurance

Whether you want to start a lap swimming program or to do a triathlon, ET Swim 101 can help you reach your goal.

Participants should be able to swim one length of the pool without stopping.  If you can’t, please consider a private swim lesson with us!

Maximum class size is 8 people.

Date: October 24 – November 28, 2015 (6 weeks)

Time: Saturdays from 11:15 AM – 12:15 PM

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Starts October 19!

Masters swim with Suzy cropped

ET Masters is a weekly adult swimming program designed for triathlon and fitness swimmers. USA certified coaches will provide structured workouts and explain how to do the workouts and drills at each one-hour group session.

ET Masters uses a classic periodized training model to progress swimmers from Base period (General Prep) to Build period (Sports Specific) to Peak Race (Pre-Competitive). Research has shown that athletes following a periodized training model are better optimized for race events.

ET Masters Naperville includes baseline and periodic time-trial testing. Athletes will receive objective test results to validate improved performance levels over the off season.

“Almost all of our swimmers saw decreases in their 50m times with an average drop of 2 seconds and the most drastic drop of 6 seconds. All swimmers decreased their 75m, 100m, and 200m times by an average of 9 seconds, 6, seconds, and 9 seconds, respectively.”

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Coach Judieby Coach Judie

It’s the beginning of October and tri season has wound to a close in the Midwest with the arrival of fall temperatures and shorter daylight hours. For a lot of us, that means it’s the offseason, time to hang up the bike, put the wetsuit in the closet, and start prepping the feedbag for the holidays, right? No, not quite!

To be fair, some downtime at the end of a busy racing season is appropriate to avoid burning out and to reconnect with family members and activities that may not have been at the forefront of your attention for the last six or so months. But be careful—detraining isn’t a huge issue over the course of several days to a couple of weeks, but research indicates that after only 2-4 weeks off your VO2Max may decrease by 4-10% and your running performance may decrease by 3-5%. Translating that into terms that we understand much better, 3-4 weeks away from run training could increase a 40 minute 10k to a 41 or 42 minute 10k.1 That may not sound like much, but in today’s competitive environment, even for age-group athletes, the difference between the podium and a finisher’s medal is less than the time it takes to tie your shoes. Your aerobic base is the foundation of next season’s training and it takes months to years to develop a good one. As we spend time working on race speed and tapering for our goal races, that aerobic base is eroding.   Loss of aerobic fitness is relative—long course athletes are training closer to zones 2 and 3, so preparing and tapering for a race will still include mostly aerobic work. Short course athletes, however, are preparing for races with higher intensity zone 4 and 5 work so the athlete could be sacrificing aerobic endurance in favor of being fresh, ready, and fast. To perform at our best, we need both speed and endurance, and this time of year is perfect for working on technique and laying the groundwork for next season.

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Carol Stream MastersStarts October 13

ET Masters is a weekly swimming program designed for triathlon and fitness swimmers. USA Certified coaching staff of Experience Triathlon will provide structured workouts and explain how to do the workouts and drills at each one-hour group session.

Pre-requisite swim level: Swimmers should be able to complete at least 1000 yards total of non-continuous freestyle swimming at any speed level over the 60 minute class session.

Please note that Masters swimming is a group workout session, not swim lessons. If you’re interested in private swim lessons, please Contact Us with your request.

The 25 yard, IHSA regulation size pool in the new Fountain View Recreation Center is the perfect place to build your swim fitness and improve your stroke mechanics.

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