Cycling 102 – Understanding your Gears – February 16

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Cycling 102 – Understanding your Gears – February 16


DATE:  Saturday 2/16/19


Our bike’s gears are one of the most important components on our bicycles in terms of helping us ride efficiently and strategically.  Using them should feel as natural as breathing, with shifting becoming second nature in response to the slightest changes in grade and wind.


However, as intimidating as this may sound, it need not be!  Our gears make use of simple math equations, and using them makes use of our science and artistic minds….but understanding what goes into this makes it so that we do this automatically while riding.  This is HUGE!  It CAN be the difference between being on the podium, or not!  (And it can be the difference between a well-played hilly or windy bike ride, or one that leaves your legs dead for the run.)


This NEW clinic will have participants looking closely at THEIR bike(s)’ gears, going through some math equations (please do NOT let this scare you off, however!  We will help you with this!) to know what their different gears allow them to do, and then putting bikes on our CompuTrainer machines to test out HOW to shift on hilly terrain, smartly.


There may be no better or more practical “instruction-to-actual-performance” lessons out there to learn when it comes to cycling.  This class is designed for ALL cyclists, regardless of your current knowledge or understanding of your bike, and regardless of what your own personal ability level or experience level is!


COST:  $40


DATE:  Saturday 2/16/19


TIME:  7:00am-8:30am


LOCATION:  ET CompuTrainer Studio

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  • Testimonials

“I think everything was covered very well.  I have a much better concept of what I'm doing with the gear changes.  Up until last year, I had just toughed it out on hills.  When I signed up for Batavia and rode the course on my own before I race, I quickly realized I'd better finally learn the gears or I'd die.  I went back through the CD that came with my bike.  Nothing.  It took hours of scouring YouTube to find various coaches showing people stuff and then having to rewatch them over and over while taking notes, because no single one left me feeling like I had a real understanding.  Yesterday's class gave me everything my previous learning efforts did not.

I am now fully confident that I know where to have the gears when starting a ride, approaching a hill, ascending the hill and even going back down.  You gave me a philosophy to use with gear changes ("always try to have the same cadence and effort"), a pedaling strategy ("88-90 cadence") and a shocking thing I never considered ("don't coast downhill") -- all of which will make me a better cyclist.

It was worth every second of the time allotted.”  (Lianne H)

“I thought the class was great.   To hear that others were just as confused by the gearing process as I was meant a lot.  Some of these folks had already competed in various races- so it was nice to know that the playing field was even.    I have absolutely put into practice what you taught and cannot think of anything you didn't cover.

Thanks for a great class!”  (Corin H)


“I really learned a lot in class and it will absolutely be helpful in races - already using it on trainer rides. I like the way you explained the gears left -front, right back - that finally made things click- I knew it but had to think, now I don’t!  Also liked the bank account comparison!  Very practical and easy to relate!”  (Robin A)