7 months to go!

7 months to go!

by Tara G.

It’s getting real-the workouts are getting longer, my body is feeling stronger. Ironman Wisconsin is officially 7 months away now!

Training in the winter in Boston can be tough. Thankfully we have had a mild winter-every year at this time I simply imagine longer days of sunlight and beach sand to get me through the snowy, cold, windy, frozen days.

Sidewalks are often covered in ice and snow on cold days and potholes and rigid pavement on nicer days, which makes running outdoors year round a constant risk vs reward conversation in my head; like will the drivers at evening commute see me through the dark, narrow snow covered streets? Or will my song be on and I’ll zone out and twist my ankle, or fall because I’m not watching my steps (as I have done before ). The treadmill has become a new friend again this winter to keep me from resulting in careless injury.

Thankfully-I have guidance from Coach Joe, Head Coach at Experience Triathlon Personal Coaching Services, everyday as I’d be lost with training at this point!! It’s a balance between training hard to finish or PR and then walking the line of pushing to hard which means early to burn out or get hurt. I can say I’m loving the Training Peaks app workout plan and feeling like I’m going to rock it come race day! Injury prevention is key for me, who has time to be down?! Even on days of sickness or soreness I’m able to check in with Joe and get an updated plan from him to keep me on track.

Recently the flu hit our house hard-because-winter and germs. I had to take a few weeks training off to fully recover-and was nervous I was losing ground. Coach Joe reminded me of my good base-and it wasn’t until yesterday’s run that I really understood it! It had been only a few recovery runs and mid distance jaunts over the last 3 weeks of getting back to 100% and I wasn’t sure my base had carried me through….boy was I surprised when each mile I ran I got faster on yesterday’s run-I was finally back to 100%-and Coach Joe was right.

I still have a long way to go, but bouncing back and feeling like I picked up where I left off reminded me of the power in having a plan, and a coach that has experience, and has completed Ironman races before to help me navigate through weather, sickness, and injury.

I’m mentally preparing myself, and my friends and family that the next 7 months will be the most challenging as the workouts get longer and stakes get higher, but I’m confident knowing I have Coach Joe to support my journey. Pawtunsky Phil predicted an early spring-here’s hoping he’s right!

See you soon, Wisconsin and World Famous ET Cheer Squad!

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