Breaking Through at Ironman 70.3 Chattanooga

Breaking Through at Ironman 70.3 Chattanooga

by Chris H.

Without a doubt, my first thank you for Ironman Chatta 70.3 this year must go to Coach Joe LoPresto of Experience Triathlon Personal Coaching Services.

My first half Ironman triathlon (Racine “16) was total misery, even though the swim was canceled and the bike was shortened because of bad weather. I told Avery for two days that it was my first and last long distance triathlon. Coach Joe lifted me up and pulled my head out. We used that race as a learning experience for many things that could and did go wrong. Without Coach Joe, “Revenge at Racine “17” would not have happened.

Over the past 3+ years, I have driven Coach Joe closer to crazy with some of my TMI comments about workouts and many of my race antics. However, he also knows that I take myself and my racing seriously, even when I act more fun and (try to) act more funny. For Chatta on Sunday, I have been laser focused for weeks, especially since early April.

In training this year for Chattanooga 70.3, Coach Joe pushed my limits harder, to see what I could handle. He knew, and I knew, that I could do better, go faster, get healthier. Three check marks.

When we spoke soon after the race, Coach Joe said, “You did it, man!” Immediately I replied, “No, Coach. WE did it.”

Without Coach Joe, I would not have finished Sunday under my overall goal time. I would not have kept my heart rate down where it should be. I would not have felt the night after the race or the next two days that I could go out and run five miles.

When you read my Wednesday post about my race morning, you will understand even more how much I appreciate Coach Joe.

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