Top 10 Things I Learned in Memphis

Top 10 Things I Learned in Memphis

by Sarah F.

10) Hills + Heat + Hip pain = a helluva hard run!

9) Flying mounts on an uphill bike start are a little tricky.  Thank heavens for that “rubber-banded shoes-to-the-derailleurs” trick!

8)  Always remember our USAT cards and photo IDs at Expo check-in!!

7)  Never walk out of Starbucks without making sure you’ve got the drink you actually ordered.

6)  Even the toughest triathletes sometimes walk up hills in blazing heat.

5) There was something oddly satisfying in elbowing those two big, pushy guys who tried to run me over at the end of the swim…(and 1500 m is not as long as it looks!)

4)  Sheer willpower alone cannot cure every injury or ailment, as much as I’d like to believe. Sometimes prolonged rest really IS necessary!  (I know, Coach Suzy, you are thinking. “Duh!  Haven’t I tried to get that through your head before??!”)  🙂

3)  Committed, encouraging coaches = awesome training & racing experiences.  Thank you, Suzy & Joe!!

2) A super support system at home can make all the difference in the world! Thank you, Phil, for being my patient husband & my rock, and thank you, Dad, for always encouraging me along and watching the kids for Phil & me!

1)  Elvis is alive!

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