What is the ET Indoor Triathlon Series?

What is the ET Indoor Tri Series?

We LOVE to produce multisport events! As a coaching services company, it’s one of the ways we “pay it forward” and share our passion for the lifestyle we are blessed to have. It’s also our way of meeting new friends and inviting them to come play with us in the amazing Experience Triathlon sand box. 🙂

Each year our highly skilled and dedicated team helps in delivering some of Chicagoland’s premier events like ET Naperville Sprint Triathlon, ET Pleasant Prairie Tri, Woodridge Mini-Tri, ET Lake Zurich Triathlon and the long standing ET Indoor Triathlon series. We just could not run these events without the amazing volunteer teams, city support staffs such as police, fire, and EMS, and local park districts. Our strategic partnerships with ensure that we deliver the best experience for all race participants and cheer crews.

Check out this short video of the ET Indoor Triathlon Series in Naperville, Illinois.  For almost 20 years, our Indoor Tri’s have been a great way to become a triathlete or test your training for the outdoor race season. It’s fun and enjoyed by athletes of all levels – from first timers to veterans. You set your own pace! And it only takes an hour!!