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coach sarah 3Sarah Wangerin, LMT, is a graduate of The Soma Institute in Chicago, where she graduated Valedictorian of her clinical massage therapy class. Her intrigue with the human body in motion came about from her own experiences with recovering from injuries while still pursuing an active lifestyle in triathlon and cycling. She is a USAC Certified Cycling Coach, working with Experience Triathlon.

Her focus in massage is on treating the body with the belief that the mind, body & spirit are interwoven and must be in balance for true healing to begin. Myofascial work, Deep Tissue techniques, Trigger Point therapy, Sports Massage and Swedish Massage are modalities that Sarah utilizes within her treatments.

It is of utmost importance to Sarah that each of her massages are performed with the unique needs of each client being taken into account. No two massages are the same, as the human body is in constant motion, and is continually ebbing and flowing throughout the day. The goal of each treatment is to help the client connect mind, body and spirit, so the effects are felt beyond the treatment.

Our bodies are gifts, and our abilities to move them freely, and without pain or restriction is a worthy goal for us all to aspire to. Massage is a wonderful way to traverse the journey of reaching that goal.