ET Swim 201: Swimming With Purposeful Power – Part 1

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ET Swim 201: Swimming With Purposeful Power – Part 1


Sunday January 6, 2019


“Swim harder.”  “Swim faster.”  “Reduce your number of strokes per length.”  “Increase your distance-per-stroke.”  These are all phrases that swimmers have inevitably heard at some point during a workout or swim set.  But what do each of them MEAN?  How does one actually become a STRONGER SWIMMER, with full intention of HOW they are producing power in the water?


Much too often, swimmers make themselves WORK HARDER, but they don’t actually improve what matters most—having an efficient stroke with total purpose.  There is a very elusive element to freestyle swimming, an element that is difficult to capture and own…it is the element of truly FEELING the water, and recognizing your personal “purchase” on the water so that you can do as much with one arm stroke as possible.


This swim clinic is one that puts away clocks, watches, and timed intervals.  Instead, it will focus on a very simple step-by-step progression of the mechanics of an efficient stroke, with an emphasis on the catch.  All distracting elements will be removed, allowing swimmers to isolate out very miniscule muscle movements, so that they can truly find resonation between these muscle movements, their core, and physical skin contact with the water.  Join Coach Kurt Woodward as he takes you through an exciting approach to understanding our ability to move through the water with more efficiency.


Part 1 (ET Swim 201) of this clinic will focus on the early vertical forearm during the catch phase.


Part 2 (ET Swim 202) of this clinic (offered at a later date, with a separate sign up) will be a continuation of the catch, with an introduction to breathing along with head position and balance while breathing.


***PARTICIPANTS MUST BE EXPERIENCED FREESTYLE SWIMMERS.  This is NOT designed to teach participants HOW to swim (see ET Swim 101 – Learn to Swim), but rather to help experienced swimmers become more efficient and economical!


Cost:  $30

Length of Class:  90 minutes

Date:  Sunday January 6, 2019

Time:  9:30am

Location: ET Training Center. 4225 Naperville Rd. IL 60532

Swim Equipment needed for class: 

  • Swim Snorkel.  Center type with forehead rest for swimming.  Popular brands include Finis, Zionor, TYR.  Amazon examples HERE.
  • Noseplugs can be helpful with snorkel swimming but not required.
  • Flat, broad paddles

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