Coach Sue Testimonials

Testimonials for Coach Sue


“Tonight was a great w/o and I’m really starting to feel my speed increase with the slight adjustments Master’s Training with Coach Sue is inserting into my stroke. I’m having much more stamina because I’m gliding through the water more with a lot less effort, something I’ll be glad to have after the swim. While I absolutely know it’s been helping me improve my stroke I really had an epiphany last night near the end of the session…makes it all worthwhile. Thanks Coach Sue!” – Jim R.

“Hi Sue,  Thanks again for the lesson. For my swim Wednesday my 200 free as part of my warm up was :07 faster with the same effort.  It was made by using my core to rotate.  There is still a lot of room for improvement, but that was a great sign.  I would like to possibly meet for a training session every 4-6 weeks.  Have a nice weekend, and thanks again.” – Bob J.

“I have always considered myself to be an ok swimmer and once I started triathlons I realized I needed to become more efficient with my stroke. Coach Sue has exceeded my expectations on what I felt I could accomplish with a masters swim class. Her patience, knowledge and constructive critiques of my swim stroke have greatly improved my swimming. For that I am very appreciative and looking forward to improving other areas of my triathlon disciplines.” – Tanya L.

“I began swimming with Experience Triathlon in October 2009. During my first season of triathlons I had been self-coached and knew that I needed some more support if I really wanted to do anything with this sport. I had swam in high school, and was swimming on my own occasionally at the gym. I figured that starting with swimming would be a good starting point. I nervously went to the first swim session and was greeted immediately by Sue. She was warm, friendly, and incredibly knowledgeable. Sue recognized my strengths and weaknesses and gave me suggestions to correct them. In this short time I have definitely gotten stronger and smoother since we began working together. I like getting constant feedback that I am improving and suggestions on how to take my swim to the next more efficient level. Sue is always helping all the swimmers maximize their performance. Her workouts are always exciting and always have a purpose. Most importantly, Sue is truly talented when it comes to motivating (it takes a lot to get a pool full of people in December and January), encouraging, and inspiring the athletes with whom she works. She makes you excited about your potential, no matter what level of triathlete you are. Sue has definitely made me more interested in working on all areas of my triathlon. I would recommend Sue to anyone looking to reach new levels of performance and fitness.” – Kelly C.

“Good Morning, Coach Sue! Just wanted to tell you that I did 1600 yards this morning in 30:40. I can’t believe how much my time has come down in just a month of working with you. Must be because I kept my eyes open! Also can’t believe how much less fatigued I am at the end. Thanks for your help, and see you Friday.” – Jeff B.

“Coach Sue has been an amazing help to me with my swim technique…every time I swam in her Masters Class, she was able to pinpoint one particular area for me to work on, and with those minor changes and her encouragement, I was able to take my swim to a whole new level! Thank you, Sue!!” – Sarah F.

“Coach Sue is an excellent swim coach! She has been very supportive of my efforts to improve my swimming, giving me carefully crafted workouts as well as a lot of instruction on improving my technique. I have seen definite improvement in my swimming efficiency since taking her swim class, and have felt a difference in my swim endurance. I look forward to continuing to work with her, and taking my swimming to the next level!” – Drew R.

“Coach Sue, I participated in Ironman Lake Placid last week, and finished the swim with a time of 1 hour and 10 minutes. The last 2 Ironmans I have competed in were Wisconsin and Coeur d’Alene. My swim time was 1 hour and 20 minutes in each of those. 10 minutes faster is more than I could ever have expected!! I did not do much different in regards to time spent swim training, just focused on the technique you helped with! Thanks for the help!!” – John H.