Coach Karli Testimonials

Testimonials for Coach Karli

“Kudos to Coach Karli. She improved my swim stroke by 50%. Made the rest of the workout a lot easier. Thanks Coach Karli!” – John W.

“I might be Karli’s worst nightmare to coach. A former high school sprinter, I thought I knew the fine art of swimming. Being new to triathlons, swimming was the only event I felt confident in. Our first meeting she critiqued my stroke entirely out of my comfort zone. After the swim I was extremely frustrated, she explained it wasn’t about power; triathlons are about endurance and developing a strong and efficient stroke. Karli’s many drills have taught me how to roll and glide and I have finally broken the habit of trying to go fast, and instead concentrated on form. Karli’s knowledge and experience provides her with the ability not only to understand but also relate to the athletes that she works with. I am anxiously awaiting the start of the season to see the results! Thank you Karli for your patience and keeping me in line! You’re the best!!” – Stephanie L.