Coach Cathy Testimonials

Testimonials for Coach Cathy


“Coach Cathy’s enthusiasm was evident from Day 1 when we met at the local Starbucks. I got a big hug on our first meeting.  We talked a lot about previous races, family life, goals and what I wanted to accomplish. It was a great first meeting.  She truly understood what was going on and where I was coming from in terms of getting a little worn out. It was her continued support, dedication to my training and enthusiasm that kept me going.  For every workout comment I logged into the online training plan system, I’d eagerly await her enthusiastic email reply. It was extremely helpful. Through my entire journey, she was always there saying I did a good job, I got it done, way to persevere. As I crossed the finish line at Racine, I think Cathy was more excited for me than I was. It shows her true compassion and excitement for her athletes. All the time she takes to meet with you, train with you and get you prepared is invaluable.  For that, I’ll be forever grateful. Working with her made me believe in myself and now I can say I completed an Ironman 70.3!” – Becky M.

“I have been working with Coach Cathy this past spring and summer for triathlon coaching and it’s been a fantastic experience! It was easy to see early on that Coach Cathy’s talents are numerous! Her naturally enthusiastic personality permeates every aspect of our work together, and really, it’s not work but fun with Coach “Chilly”! As soon as we started working together, she took me under her wing to make sure that I was participating in all the ET activities that would help me train. She rode with me on my first couple of rides with the Bike Club, encouraged me to do Masters Swim so she could watch me and provide specific feedback, and made sure I knew about Saturday Run Club so I could run with a group instead of alone.

I really appreciate how Cathy embraces a holistic approach to coaching. She has worked with me on the spectrum of training and competition topics, leaving no stone unturned. From sport-specific training, to cross training, nutrition, and that all- important mental preparation, Cathy makes sure I have all the tools I need to be successful. She is especially great at the mental aspect of training and competing. While it may be more common for people to have competition anxiety, I get more nervous at times with training. When I think I can’t do something, Coach Cathy is there to say, “YES YOU CAN”.

Cathy also uses teachable moments to help me get through the challenges of competition. One time I was telling her how much I love to run – that I think it’s really freeing. She immediately pointed me to those thoughts and feelings I have during a tri when my quads are exhausted from the bike and I don’t think I can run the run. She told me to remember how freeing I think running is, and to use that thought as energy and motivation to work through the exhaustion. I did a tri at the beginning of the summer and walked the whole 5K. After working with Cathy throughout the summer and using that specific “running is freeing” mantra, I ran the whole 5K in another tri just two months later! I am so thankful I have someone as talented, fun, and cheerful as Cathy as my coach!” – Alyse K.