ET Run Club and The Arboretum

ET Run Club and The Arboretum

As part of the 2019 new and improved ET Run Club, we’ve added at least six new locations! The Arb is one of them. We thought a few details about the Arb, entry fees/options, where to park/meet up, post run coffee social, etc. would be helpful…

The sights, sounds, and smells that change with the season, as well as the safe roads and varied terrain, make the Arboretum a runner’s paradise year-round. Countless runners take advantage of the nine miles of scenic paved roads that wind through the West and East Side, creating a beautiful running course. The most common run loops are the outer 4.5 mile loop on the East Side and the 2.9 mile loop around the outer West Side. The routes at the Arb are a favorite among runners because they are scenic, plowed in the winter time, and hilly! 

The Arboretum grounds open at 7am daily, and we will meet in the parking lot since the visitor center opens at 9am.  There are bathrooms, water and food inside the Visitor Center at the Ginko café, where we will meet after the run for coffee.   Before the run, there are bathrooms, lockers and water available in the building adjacent to the Visitor Center.  See map below. 

Admission to the Arboretum is $15/person or you can purchase an individual yearly pass for $60. A two-person yearly pass is also available for only $95. One of the annual membership benefits is that guests are only $5 per person when accompanied by member in same vehicle or two cars, “bumper to bumper”. Considering we will run at the Arb at least 6 times per year, a membership definitely makes financial sense.  

If you have children, there are several kids’ events throughout the year, bike rentals, cross country skiing on scenic trails, and other fun things to do throughout the year. 

Running is allowed on the roadways, although only walkers are permitted on trails. Please travel against the flow of car traffic, and keep as far right on the road (in your direction of travel) as possible. Please run no more than two runners wide. Runners can change clothes, use the restrooms and lockers, and buy water and food in the Visitor Center. A map is shown below, and is also available at the Visitor Center information desk.

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